Marty Walsh to Red Sox fans: Don’t ‘do damage’ to Boston during World Series

Lucy Burdge
October 23, 2018 - 12:13 pm

Yes, a World Series at Fenway Park is very exciting but Boston officials are asking Red Sox fans to not destroy the city while celebrating.

Mayor Marty Walsh made a plea to the public on Tuesday ahead of Game 1, invoking the Red Sox hashtag “Do Damage,” asking fans to do the opposite.

“That’s for the players in the field, not the fans in the street. . . I just want to be very clear on that,” Walsh said while explaining the city’s safety plans for the Series.

“Have fun, cheer and celebrate, be passionate Boston sports fans, but be responsible,” Walsh said.

He added that climbing on cars, disorderly conduct and public drinking will not be tolerated.

"Just because there’s a celebration, it doesn’t meant that anything goes,” he said.

Boston Police Commissioner William Gross also said the department is prepared for anything, as this is not, after all, their first rodeo when it comes to patrolling a World Series.

“We've been here before," he said. "All we’re asking folks is to act like we’ve been here before."