Media Column Update: Rob Gronkowski has shaky first night on FOX Sports

Lucy Burdge
October 11, 2019 - 7:40 am

Rob Gronkowski’s FOX Sports debut on Thursday night went exactly as expected.   

It started with a cringe-worthy skit in which Gronk tried some embarrassingly bad jokes about Bill Belichick’s cut-off hoodie and spiked a small football. 

Then we got to the live portion and Gronk was not exactly impressive with his analysis. 

But we did get the real statement that should have been attributed to Gronk about joining Fox Sports:

Andrew Marchand reported FOX plans to use Gronk in “mostly taped segments.” 

“Gronkowski will be featured in mostly taped segments, though his first scheduled appearance will be live before Giants-Patriots on Thursday night,” Marchand wrote. “He will do some more of those, and Fox will have him for its Super Bowl coverage. Fox wants to give him the ramp to grow and see if he likes it. Makes sense.”

This is probably for the best after last night. C- for Gronk’s performance in his debut.