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Memorable moments from the Masters: Patrick Reed wins, wears pink, loves Imagine Dragons

Lucy Burdge
April 08, 2018 - 7:03 pm

Another exciting Masters Tournament is in the books with Patrick Reed donning the green jacket over a pink shirt this year for his first major title.

Here is a look at back at some memorable moments from this tradition unlike any other.

Tiger Woods ended up in the woods on the 5th hole on Friday and everyone made the same few jokes about it:


1) Tiger the woods
2) “I can definitely relate”(TW looking for ball in woods)
3) the...Woods
4) Crouching Tiger, hidden golf ball
5) Live look at Tiger (dumpster fire or Homer simpson bushes gif)
6) Tiger Woods lost in the woods” -- @OldTakesExposed

Phil Mickelson completely whiffed and almost bonked his head on a branch on his own shot from the trees:

Charley Hoffman hit a hole-in-one on the 16th on Sunday:

The winner Patrick Reed had to wear a pink shirt on Sunday instead of his customary red shirt because Tiger of course wears a red shirt. And people reacted:

“Patrick Reed is going to win a major and in every picture, he'll be in that pink shirt that looks three sizes too big. Mortified for him tbh.” -- @stehoare

“Wait, so Nike forced Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy to wear pink because Tiger was going to wear red on Sunday but then Tiger wears a black vest over his red shirt?? That doesn't make sense.” -- @EricLloyd

“Whoever chose Patrick Reed’s pink Nike top needs a slap in the face #themasters2018 #themasters” -- @aliceterry_

“urgh if Patrick Reed wins, that green jacket is going to look awful with that nasty pink shirt” -- @abbiejamse

“Reed deserves to lose today for wearing pink instead of red.” --@SamEnole

It was also revealed near the very end of the whole broadcast that Reed’s pump up music is Imagine Dragons. This was red meat for Twitter.

“as if you needed another reason to cheer for Fowler, now we find out Reed likes Imagine Dragons” -- @davewinkel

“Patrick Reed listening to Imagine Dragons for motivation, could this guy get any funnier?” -- @BarstoolBigCat

“They just said Patrick Reed is a big Imagine Dragons fan and listens to "Radioactive" for inspiration and now I definitely want him to choke this away.” -- @GinoHammer7

“The guy who's about to win the Masters listens to Imagine Dragons for inspiration, they need to cancel golf for eternity” -- @ComunityCollege

And after a social media campaign spearheaded by his stepdaughter, Shane Caldwell, a man with stage 4 lung cancer, was able to fulfill his dream of meeting Tiger Woods.