Lou Merloni on report of MLB investigation into 2018 Red Sox not finding much so far: ‘I’m hearing the same thing’

Lucy Burdge
January 16, 2020 - 3:48 pm

Responding to a tweet from Dan Roche saying the MLB investigation into the 2018 Red Sox, while not over yet, is “not turning up a lot,” Lou Merloni said on OMF Thursday afternoon what he is hearing lines up with that report. 

“I would say I’m hearing the same thing,” Merloni said. 

“It might explain kind of where you want to go with this,” Merloni continued. “That we sort of, yesterday, can we make sense of that mess we heard from the Boston Red Sox? It was, by all accounts, a disaster. But can you make some sense of it all?” 

In a press conference on Wednesday regarding parting ways with Alex Cora, the Red Sox asked everyone to “reserve judgment” on the matter until the investigation is complete.