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Monday’s Mashup: Kiara Mia predicts Jimmy Garoppolo will come back from rough start to season, says he ‘radiates greatness’

Lucy Burdge
September 17, 2018 - 5:49 am

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-- Jimmy Garoppolo got his first win of the season on Sunday with the 49ers’ 30-27 victory over the Lions (even if the team wasn’t thrilled with how they played) and the day before the game, his old friend Kiara Mia predicted he will have success as the season continues.

Mia told TMZ on Saturday Garoppolo’s first NFL loss last Sunday was just a “bad day.”

“Jimmy G is a mother****ing star,” Mia said. “A star is a star. You can never hold back a star. He’s gonna come back stronger, bigger than he’s ever been. I promise you that …  Everybody has a bad day. You fall once, you get back up. Simple. It’s like, it’s a joke.”

“He’s a star,” she continued. “When someone radiates greatness the whole entire team is going to radiate greatness. Like, it’s a whole new level, a whole new vibration … I believe in him.”

When asked if she and Garoppolo are still talking, Mia seemed a little hesitant.

“Like I said, everything I touch turns to gold,” she said. When asked if the two are “still cool,” she laughed and said, “No comment.”

-- Urban Meyer spoke with ESPN recently about his disgraced former assistant coach Zach Smith, saying he isn’t sure why he never informed the athletic department of Smith’s legal history of alleged domestic abuse.

"I just can't tell you exactly what my mindset was at the time," Meyer said in the interview that aired Sunday morning. "I erred when I made a decision to do the best I can to help stabilize that situation. And one of the things I look back now -- I probably should've fired him."

Meyer’s three-game suspension from coaching the Ohio State football team ended on Sunday. He was suspended for his handling of the domestic abuse allegations against Smith and for misrepresenting  his awareness of the allegations back in July.

Smith was fired in July.

Meyer said he addressed the 2009 arrest with Smith and his wife, Courtney, a day after it happened and both denied any domestic violence occurred.

"I was told that it was not domestic violence, that she threw him out of the house and that there were going to be no charges," Meyer said. "I was completely reliant on information from law enforcement. There was no charges."

Meyer was also asked how Courtney was respected or protected by the football program, which has a list of "core values" that includes treating women with respect. He said "that's a tough question now that all the information is out."

"I thought the best thing I could do with a very troubled marriage, with a child custody issue going on. And I really thought it through," Meyer said. "I thought the best thing I could do is try to help stabilize this thing. If I fire him at the time, sever that relationship, and I see these two young kids. And that's why I've always thought, how do you help stabilize someone … At the time I thought I was doing the right thing."

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Same for both teams.” -- Bill Belichick, when asked how much the heat was a factor for the Patriots in the 31-20 loss to the Jaguars on Sunday