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Nomar Garciaparra, now a Dodgers TV analyst, praises Red Sox fans but predicts LA will win World Series

Lucy Burdge
October 23, 2018 - 12:49 pm

Nomar Garciaparra is a legendary former Red Sox shortstop but his old fans in Boston will be disappointed with his World Series prediction.

During a recent radio interview AM 570 LA Sports, the SportsNet LA analyst, who also played for the Dodgers, talked about the World Series between his two former teams, saying he thinks the Dodgers will win it in six games.

“I think it’s going to be going to Game 6, and I think the Dodgers can pull it out,” he said.

“When you look at what the Dodgers have done just to get here, I look at it just over the NLCS especially, the bullpen – as much praise as there was on the Brewers’ bullpen – I really think the Dodgers’ bullpen stepped it up,” he explained. “That was really the story for the Dodgers. I know [Cody] Bellinger won series MVP, and not saying he didn’t deserve it, but they just couldn’t give it to the entire Dodger bullpen. They really were the MVP of that NLCS. So I look at that as a big part of this series and don’t get me wrong, the Red Sox have a bullpen, but I think the way the Dodgers bullpen has been, it’s a slight edge.”

But to smooth it over with Boston, he praised Red Sox fans who supported him for most of his career.

“I can never say Red Sox fans are bad, are you kidding me?” he said. “They’re unbelievable. My experience with them has been nothing but unbelievable and positive. They embraced me, and it’s an unbelievable environment. It’s one of the greatest baseball environments around.”

He also warned the Dodgers to not overlook the layout of Fenway Park as a factor in the Series.

“The little intricacies of this ballpark are going to be a bigger factor than the weather,” he said. “And that’s something you really, really need to understand. It is not easy.”

But he enjoyed playing there.

“I remember over the years I actually loved playing at Fenway. I loved hitting there, not because [the Green Monster] was so close, but because I looked at it as a horse did with blinders: That wall acted like a blinder to my left eye, and kept my focused up the middle and to right center, which is exactly where I want to be as a right-handed hitter,” he said. “I want to stay through the ball, and even though right-center is huge and massive, you don’t want to hit it in that Bermuda triangle over there. But that’s how I treated the Green wall. It was a blinder that kept me focused on where my sights should be, and I used it as something to help me rather than as something that was going to get me to pull off the ball.”

He also said he’s excited to see the Dodgers face the Red Sox in the Fall Classic.

“This is a good dream,” he said. “You’ve got two great teams going at it. I think you want to see the two best teams throughout the season playing in the World Series.”


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