OMF Tracker: Follow along with Ordway, Merloni and Fauria

Lucy Burdge
September 07, 2018 - 2:03 pm

Follow along here with Ordway, Merloni and Fauria as they close out the week on a Fridy afternoon. Click here to listen live.

Hour 1:

2:05 p.m. : Football is back. Some buzzkill during Eagles-Falcons with the lightning and thunder. The game ended with intrigue and excitement because both teams suck so badly. The ratings for the game weren't great and were way down from last year but it was delayed because of the weather. The NFL needs to stop blaming low ratings on outside factors and just admit ratings in all sports are down. 

2:10 p.m. : NBC should have focused on Malcolm Jenkins, who stood during the national anthem and had been sitting in the locker room during the preseason. Brady said in his press conference that he thinks he'll continuing his interview with Kirk and Callahan. When asked, he said, "I don't know. I think so." He also answered a question about Guerrero and Christian thinks asking him these questions is beating a dead horse. 

2:15 p.m. : Glenn doesn't think this is the end of the Guerrero questions. If the Patriots don't do well, people will point to the dysfunction. 

2:20 p.m. : Ben Volin asked Brady a legitimate question about Edelman and Guerrero when he walked off a couple weeks ago. Brady and the Patriots are trying to get past this because they don't want to distrctions. The relationship between Brady and Belichick and Guerrero will be brought up if the team struggles. Christian thinks reporters should ask him about Tara Reid. 

2:25 p.m. : Lou declares Malcolm Butler and Guerrero questions dead starting now but Glenn thinks they'll come up again. 

2:35 p.m. : Max Kellerman is back to talking about Brady's "cliff." He says you're more likely to get hurt if you've played longer but Aaron Rodgers has been hurt more than Brady and Brady has only missed one year. Kellerman has been doing this same schtick for three years and he's been wrong every time so he has to re-define what he's talking about. 

2:40 p.m. : Kellerman says there is speculation about things that no one is speculating about. Christian is fed up with the cliff talk. 

2:45 p.m. : Kellerman is grasping to a theory from years ago that still hasn't come true. Stephen A just rolls his eyes at it. Glenn respects people who have wild stakes but Kellerman should at least have something to back it up. Lou is not a fan of the skits on NBCSB because he's not an actor. Christian likes their lists. 

2:55 p.m. : Christian is ready for his pregame show with Mut and Keefe to start this Sunday before the Patriots' opener. He is sticking with his 11-5 prediction, as is Lou. Glenn has them going 13-3. He doesn't see them going to the Super Bowl three years in a row but maybe the AFC Championship. Lou got ripped on TV for his bold predictions. 

3:00 p.m. : Patriots offense is ten times better than the Texans' offense. Houston defense can't stay healthy. Patriots' vulnerability will be in this game. 

Hour 2: 

3:15 p.m. : There will be a lot of people on Christian's pregame show on Sunday. Christian wants to talk about the Colorado vs. Nebraska game and wants someone to host a watch party for him. Brady was on with Jim Gray and gave basically no answers in the interview. It wasn't a conversation because there were no follow-ups. 

3:30 p.m. : Glenn doesn't think the interview questions were separately edited. A caller has a watch party suggestion for Christian at an Irish pub in Boston. 

3:35: Joey Bosa is in a walking boot and shatters Lou's “Chargers all the way” take. 

3:40: Christian thinks captains are a joke. 

3:55: Captains are kind of overrated. Matt Ryan did not play well and Boomer ripped his poor play on the broadcast last night.

4:00: We still don't know what a catch is, which is a major problem for viewers. Jameis Winston is the captain for the Bucs and who could forget his “Eat a W” speech. 

Hour 3: 

4:15: Alex Cora announced Pedroia is out for the year. Sale will return with a pitch limit. Could JD and Mookie win the MVP with two weeks of play?

4:20: Four Patriots, including Cannon, are questionable for Sunday. 

4:35: Mike Lombardi joins the show and the guys publisize his book too early. Christian asks him if there are any pictures in the book. 

4:55: Belichick loves his dog, Nike. Christian can't believe a reporter actually went to Nantucket to interview Belichick and Linda about their dog. Christian will ask Bill about Nike on Monday. He named his dog because he is the man of the house, unlike Belichick. Belichick taking heat because he named the dog Nike. He wanted to name the dog Jack and said he doesn't care but he definitely does. Glenn doesn't think Jack is a good dog name but Lou and Christian disagree. Lou's wife had a dog named Louie when they started dating. When he was with the dog people thought he named the dog after himself. 

5:00: Revisiting Shaughnessy asking Brady earlier if he will be back on with K&C and Brady said, "I think so." Is this similar to when he was asked if he is a cheater at the start of Deflategate? Christian wants to put Guerrero questions to rest. Will there be opportunities for this question to come up again? Guerrero is like the Terminator--the subject won't die.

5:05: Christian admits he's delusional to think it won't come up again. If Brady gets hurt it will probably come up again. Glenn thinks the whole thing is overblown and if the team struggles it won't be because of Guerrero. 

Hour 4: 

5:20: Ryan producing Four Hours of Fauria on Sunday even though Mut wil be on the show too and a bunch of other people. The post game show with Glenn and Smerlas and DeOssie will be after the game. Glenn thinks you need two blow-hards to direct traffic. The show will definitely be called "Four Hours of Fauria" even though the promos say otherwise. Lou thinks it should be called MFK. For Mut, Fauria and Keefe, of course. Christian has been preparing to break down the game. Lou predicts 30-17 Pats. 

5:25: Breaking down the scenarios for Sunday's game. Eagles trolled Pats by running same play Patriots ran against them in the Super Bowl and Christian is sick of the Eagles doing this to New England. He needs the Eagles to lose so they will end their Super Bowl tour. Foles sucked last night but Matt Ryan was worse. 

5:30: Last night was one of the worst football games Lou has seen in a long time but Christian liked the way it ended. Patriots defense will be interesting to watch on Sunday and we'll have to watch out for how they deal with a mobile quarterback.

5:35: Christian has the Patriots losing in the first round of the playoffs. Glenn thinks they make it to the AFC Championship Game but will lose to the Ravens. 

5:45: Did Kaepernick really sacrifice anything? His Nike commerical isn't offensive and stories are inspirational but did he actually sacrifice anything? It seems like part of Brady's terms with Patriots is for Guerrero to have more access and that's why people are asking him about it. 

5:50: Jalen Ramsey thinks he can play in the NHL and that's ridiculous. 

5:55: Belichick liked Jack as the name of his puppy be got vetoed. Christian is ready for his show on Sunday with his six co-hosts. Slogan for the show should be "If you're looking for big words, not here. If you're looking for football, tune in to the pregame show."