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Peter King to D&K: Counting on Josh Gordon is 'extremely naive'

Lucy Burdge
December 20, 2018 - 11:51 am

Peter King joined D&K on Thursday to discuss the Patriots’ situation with Josh Gordon and said definitively “this is very bad” for the team.

“To count on Josh Gordon … is extremely naive,” King said.

He said the Patriots were the ones who put themselves in this position.

“This all goes back to the fact that Bill Belichick and the Patriots didn’t do enough in the offseason to help their skilled positions,” King said. “They didn’t devote enough resources to going out and getting a wide receiver.”

When asked if Gordon will ever get a chance with another team, King said he really doesn’t know.

“Get your ouija board out,” he said. “I have no idea.”

“Never in a million years would I bring him onto my team,” King said. But he wouldn’t mind seeing Gordon return to the field.

“I would love to see a redemption story on Josh Gordon,” he said. “But again, I don’t how you’d bring him onto your team, unless he finds religion and fixes his life.”

For the Patriots, King said “it’s a matter of urgency” to replace Gordon: “Tom Brady needs some targets.”

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