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Rays players take shots at Red Sox for Apple Watch situation

Lucy Burdge
September 08, 2017 - 10:53 am

The Rays and Red Sox are set to open a three-game set in Boston Friday night and some Tampa players are speaking out on the cheating allegations levied against the Red Sox this week. 

"In the past I haven't specifically said, 'That team is up to something,' but I've always walked off the mound saying, 'Wow, that team is unbelievably plate disciplined and just being on pitches,’” Rays starter and Massachusetts native Alex Cobb said. "I don't want to tarnish what they've done in the past, especially if they've earned it. We'll have to wait and see what MLB says."

"It's obvious this was going to happen at some point, there's always people pushing the envelope," Cobb continued. "I'm really happy it was exposed and we'll be able to have MLB put in some protocols that will prevent this from happening in the future."

Chris Archer also said he’s suspected the team of stealing signs in the past, but using the Apple Watches is a step too far. 

"It's interesting because we know that people try to figure out the signs and we know that people go through different measures to do that, and I'll just keep it at that,” he said. “Using the technology, using the iWatch, that's just too far. There's simpler ways to do the same thing without going through the device on the person's wrist."

Evan Longoria, however, doesn’t think it’s such a big deal because the information wasn’t being relayed to players on the field with earpieces. He knows "everybody does it" and "the run of the mill relaying of signs happens every day."