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Red Sox accepting suggestions for renaming PawSox

Lucy Burdge
November 06, 2018 - 9:07 am

The Pawtucket Red Sox are moving from Rhode Island to Worcester and the organization is asking fans to submit suggestions for the team’s new name.

“We’re eager to hear from fans around Central Massachusetts and all of New England as we determine the ideal name for the Triple A affiliate of the world champion Boston Red Sox in Worcester,’’PawSox executive vice president and general manager Dan Rea III said.

The natural instinct to call the team the WooSox was not met with unanimous praise.

“To Woo or not to Woo, that is the question,’’ PawSox president Charles Steinberg said. “We have heard from those who would like to call the team the WooSox, and we have heard impassioned pleas from others to not call them the WooSox. So we ask, ‘What’s in a name?’ We hope the flavorful conversation and creative juices flow right through the last drop of gravy at Thanksgiving dinner.’’

That is vivid.

The organization will use its social media platforms to encourage people to submit suggestions until Nov. 26.

Frankly, the name should be the PawSox because the team should stay in Pawtucket and not move to Worcester at all. The move will take place in April 2021.

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