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Roger Goodell clown towel signed by Tom Brady auctioned off for $6,500

Lucy Burdge
September 21, 2017 - 11:18 am

A Barstool Sports Roger Goodell clown towel signed by Tom Brady was sold at auction for $6,500. 

The auction was part of the Matt Light Celebrity Shoot-Out to benefit Matt Light’s Light Foundation. 

Barstool Sports shelled out $140,000 to make 70,000 of the towels and passed them out at the Patriots home opener on Sept. 7. 

Dave Portnoy found out about the auction and wrote he would have paid $10,000 for the towel when he heard it was for charity. 

"Whoever bought this should just give it to me but I'll buy my towel back,” he tweeted on Tuesday. “It belongs with me. This is now my quest. My holy grail.” 

No word yet on who purchased the towel but I have no doubt Portnoy and his army of Stoolies will find the buyer. 

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