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Ron Darling finds it ‘offensive’ for Andrew Benintendi to swing at 3-0 pitch with 10-1 lead

Lucy Burdge
October 08, 2018 - 10:57 pm

Ron Darling is apparently a strong proponent of baseball’s unwritten rules.

During the TBS broadcast of Game 3 of the ALDS Monday night, Darling said he was not a fan of Andrew Benintendi swinging on a 3-0 pitch while the Red Sox were leading the Yankees 10-1.

“I would find that offensive, personally,” Darling said, wondering if Benintendi was rubbing it in by swinging and hitting a foul ball.

Earlier, he said almost the same thing about Benintendi stealing a base with that lead, calling the move “unusual.”

Which, of course, is ridiculous because this is the playoffs and that’s how you win games. Especially with the Red Sox bullpen being what it is, they have to score as many runs as possible. 

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