Sacha Baron Cohen tries to get murder confession out of O.J. Simpson in ‘Who is America?’ finale

Lucy Burdge
August 28, 2018 - 11:56 am

Sacha Baron Cohen ended his Who is America? series this week with an awkward interview with O.J. Simpson.

Cohen was in character (the bit with this show is the interviewee somehow has no idea it’s Cohen) as Gio Monaldo, a “billionaire playboy and fashion photographer” and made a bunch of references to murdering women in an attempt to get Simpson to crack.

Gio tries to explain to his girlfriend who O.J. Simpson is, mentioning his NFL and movie careers but she only knows him as a murder suspect after Gio makes stabbing and throat cutting motions to jog her memory.

"She knows that, oh Jesus!" Simpson said. "Help me!"

“You can enjoy her, just don't..." he said, trailing off as he made a stabbing motion.

After his girlfriend leaves, Gio said to Simpson, "She's gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her. I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon – oops-a-daisy."

Simpson laughed and said, "Stop, stop.”

"No, no maybe I send her on a bungee jump, you know – oop the cord," Gio said.

To which Simpson replied, "Cut cord extra long – oh, too long.”

He sure pulled that idea out pretty quickly.

Gio also asked Simpson about his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, calling her his “wife.”

When Simpson asked, “What wife?,” Gio said, “The one you shot.”

“Well, first off she wasn’t my wife, we had been divorced we had been separated for two years,” Simpson explained. Because that is what is most important to note about the situation. He then stated he didn’t murder anyone.

“We want you to be 100 percent truthful how you got away with it,” Gio said, to which Simpson replied, “Hey, hey, hey — I didn’t get away with nothing.”

Cohen also interviewed Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and Roy Moore for this show and it is baffling to me that no one figured out these are fake interviews.

Look at Cohen in this O.J. interview.

He looks ridiculous. His accent is obviously not real. And O.J. just keeps going as if this is a real interview. Also, I’m not sure how much of Cohen’s work O.J. has seen but this isn’t the first time he’s played this character. Just imagine what would happen if O.J did give some kind of confession and after all these years it happened during the finale of a fake interview series with a comedian playing a character. 

I will never understand how people fell for these interviews but Cohen was somehow able to pull this off enough times for an entire series.