Thursday’s Mashup: Richard Sherman can tell Jimmy Garoppolo learned a lot from Tom Brady

Lucy Burdge
June 14, 2018 - 6:23 am

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-- Richard Sherman praised new 49ers teammate Jimmy Garoppolo on Tuesday, saying he can see the quarterback learned a lot from Tom Brady during his time with the Patriots.

“James is great, man. He’s fun. He’s been phenomenal around the team. He goes through every single read. His mind works really fast, which is cool to see … he’s very deliberate in his reads, and he doesn’t force it if he doesn’t have to,” Sherman said. “You can see a lot of the things that he learned from Tom (Brady), just going through his progression, going through them quick, going through the triangle, his reads from left to right, taking what the defense gives, not forcing the big play.”

“Some quarterbacks get impatient – ‘Man, I’m not getting the deep ball, I’m not getting a big play’ – and they force it and it’s a mistake,” Sherman continued. “A lot of times he doesn’t make that same mistake.”

He also gave Garoppolo credit for his exceptionally quick release.

“It’s pretty quick,” Sherman said. “It’s not A-Rod (Aaron Rodgers) quick. It’s definitely quicker than most quarterbacks. … When he takes his hand off the ball, you’ve got to be ready to break.”

Sherman was released by the Seahawks on March 10 and was signed by the 49ers the next day.

-- Mike Francesa invented fantasy sports on Tuesday and it only took him 15 minutes.

Francesa said he had a great idea that he thinks will revolutionize sports betting but the only problem is his idea already exists as daily fantasy sports.

“If the states are smart, they’ll take people who really understand this and let them create games that would attract people,” he said. “If I created a game that plays into your football or basketball or baseball expertise, and you could, for $20 or $50 in total, and you have a chance to win big money depending on how you play it, that will be an exciting play for you.”

“I think you can create something where the payoffs are not a-dollar-and-a-dream like the lottery, where the odds are you’ve got a better chance of getting hit by lightning,” he continued. “But that if you have a skill — I could create 10 games in 15 minutes if you gave me 15 minutes to do it. And those games, if created properly, will be very enticing to the public.”

“Let’s say I create a game where you get to pick five players tonight in the major leagues. And if your five players, based on numeric totals than any other five players, you win $50,000. And the fee is $10 to get in. People will buy that. They’ll play it like crazy,” he said.

Does Francesa not know what FanDuel or DraftKings is?

DraftKings responded to Francesa’s idea on Twitter before he had the chance to trademark it:

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I think I fit pretty well in it. You know, I’ve been in a lot of different schemes in my career so I’m going to try and adjust to whatever the coaches ask me to do.” -- Dion Lewis, a former Patriot, on fitting in with the Titans after joining the team in March


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