Thursday’s Mashup: Rob Gronkowski reveals current weight, says dent in Lombardi Trophy will not be fixed

Lucy Burdge
September 12, 2019 - 6:49 am

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-- Rob Gronkowski appeared on Pardon My Take this week and talked about his current weight, how often he lifts after football and revealed the dent he made in the Lombardi Trophy will not be fixed. 

On his weight, Gronkowski said he is now a slimmer 245 pounds.

“I’m 245 (pounds) right now,” Gronkowski said. “I’m 245, I’m ripped, it feels good. … My heaviest, I’ve hit 270 before. I’ve never hit 270 during the season, I was like 268 some games. I always range from 260 to 268, in between that throughout my whole career.”

He said he rarely lifts but does work with weights. 

“I haven’t really lifted weights in like a year and a half,” Gronkowski said. “I do weights, like, once every two weeks now.”

The retired Patriot also said he was not lifting during the football season when he was playing. 

"I was just doing more body weight, band stuff, you know? … You’ve got to make adjustments," he said. "The heavy weightlifting was just keeping me a little stiff, and I didn’t like it. I felt like I was getting stiff and I felt like I needed to adjust a little bit. I still lift weights, but I don’t do as much anymore … Majority of it is (the TB12 Method).”

On the trophy, Gronkowski confirmed the dent he made will remain there.

When the Patriots were honored for their Super Bowl win before the Red Sox’ home opener in April, Gronkowski was using one of the trophies as a bat and hit a baseball with it, resulting in a dent. 

Gronkowski was on hand for the Patriots’ banner-raising ceremony on Sunday and spoke with Robert Kraft about it and Kraft said the dent is there to stay. 

“I saw the Lombardi Trophy last night and the dent was still there,” Gronkowski said. “But I was talking to Mr. Kraft and he said he was going to keep it.”

6 trophies. 6 abs. 1 dent.

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At the time, the Patriots even posted a video showing exactly how Gronkowski dented the trophy. 

-- LeBron James’ attempt to trademark “Taco Tuesday” has been denied by the U.S. Patent Office. 

In a very humbling experience for King James, the attorney decided the phrase was a "commonplace message,” as Taco Tuesday has been around a lot longer than James has. 

James' company, LBJ Trademarks LLC, filed for the trademark on Aug. 15 with the intention of starting a podcast under that name. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I’m just trying to show up and play football and try to prepare. Miami’s a good team. I am going to get ready for them. Things that don’t involve me, don’t involve me.” -- Tom Brady, on the Antonio Brown situation