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Tuesday’s Mashup: ‘Shark expert’ Rob Gronkowski weighs in on shark sightings off Cape Cod

Lucy Burdge
August 21, 2018 - 5:47 am

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-- Rob Gronkowski is somewhat of a shark specialist after appearing on Shark Week the past couple of years.

So, naturally, he was asked for his take on the recent shark sightings off Cape Cod.

"Yeah, I know. I saw them," Gronkowski said. "I'm a shark expert … I heard there's some great whites out there. I haven't seen any great whites yet. They don't know me yet. I only swam with tigers. So, maybe I'll go say hi to my friends."

Gronkowski swam with tiger sharks last month on the Discovery Channel so clearly a great white would be no problem for him.

-- Trevor Bauer has apologized to ESPN after it turned out the network did not air a tweet satirizing Bauer’s injury.

The tweet, posted by Ringer writer Michael Baumann, reads, "Trevor Bauer says that the doctors' timeline for his return is based on outdated mainstream medicine and he's begun a course of blood transfusions and colloidal silver to rid his body of CIA nanites. He anticipates missing two starts, three tops."

Bauer believed ESPN aired the tweet and demanded an apology, saying the report was “damaging and absurd.”

Then the Indians star realized ESPN did not air the tweet and issued an apology on Monday.

"It appears the information I was given and what I believed to have seen was wrong, and ESPN never aired the fake tweet,” he said. “As spreading misinformation that damages people's reputations is what I was originally angry about, I wanted to set the record straight and apologize to ESPN for wrongly accusing them of broadcasting this misinformation."

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "If I didn't have some help, I don't think I'd be able to get Netflix, Snapface, and Pandarama, or whatever it is.” -- Bill Belichick, to OMF, on technology