Tuesday’s Mashup: Tom Brady responds to David Andrews’ tweet about Devin McCourty’s interception

Lucy Burdge
October 01, 2019 - 5:32 am

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MLB: Milwaukee at Washington, 8:08 p.m. (TBS)
WNBA: Connecticut at Washington, 8 p.m. (ESPN)


-- Patriots center David Andrews has been watching his team from afar after being ruled out for the 2019 season due to blood clots and Tom Brady responded to his tweet about Devin McCourty’s interception on Sunday. 

After McCourty’s fourth interception in four games in Buffalo, Andrews tweeted a video of a girl crying while dancing and said, “Me dancing at home by myself watching @McCourtyTwins interception each week.”

To which Brady responded, “I’d pay to see you doing this dance.”

Stay tuned for Andrews’ version of this. 

-- Shaquille O’Neal opened up in a recent interview about how his career ended with the Celtics and why he regrets not being able to play to his full potential in Boston. 

“Had the career-ending injury. Said to myself, ‘I’m old. I don’t wanna do the whole rehab thing and try to be the great Shaq player,’ ” O’Neal said to Kristine Leahy on FOX Sports 1’s “Fair Game.” “Because one thing I am with myself, I’m honest. I’m Shaq, but I’m not Shaq (in 2010-11). Shaq is not Shaq when he’s averaging seven, eight, nine points (per game). That’s not Shaq. I can still entertain and do stuff to make people giggle, but that’s not Shaq. I’m robbing the people. I’m robbing the Celtics. ‘You’re only paying me a million (dollars). I don’t feel right. I’m not coming back. Here’s your money back, sir. Thank you very much.’ ”

“I’m used to parades and banners and making people complain to the refs and making people say, ‘Oh, we’re playing against Shaq. I don’t want to play tonight.’ That’s what I want to be remembered as,” O’Neal said. “And growing up in that military family, my father said, ‘You always gotta look a man or woman in their face and be honest.’ And I felt like I was robbing them. I didn’t feel right. (Then-Celtics coach) Doc (Rivers) told me when I came in, he said ‘We’re not gonna need you to do much. Just rebound.’ And I accepted it, I said, ‘OK.’

“I was ring chasing, I’ll be honest,” he continued. “I was ring chasing. We did (have a chance to win a title). I think if I wouldn’t have gotten hurt and I think if they would have kept (Kendrick) Perkins, I definitely think we could have won. I was ring chasing … I felt like I was robbing them. I could’ve took the 1.5 (million dollars) and did the six months (rehab) and tried to come back, but no, I don’t want to waste people’s time. Take the 1.5 (million dollars) and see if you can get you another player, somebody better. But the only thing I regret about that is I wanted the farewell tour.”

O’Neal retired in 2011 and now serves as an analyst for Inside the NBA on TNT. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY: To be honest, I haven’t put too much thought into it,” Brown said. “I’m not losing any sleep over it. I think stuff like that’ll end up working itself out in the end. So I’m just focused on this season and playing basketball. . . let the chips fall where they may.” -- Jaylen Brown, on his possible contract extension with the Celtics