The underworld of WEEI parody Twitter accounts

Lucy Burdge
July 13, 2017 - 11:39 am

We are living in the golden age of WEEI parody Twitter accounts. 

Just this past Wednesday morning on K&C, Gerry Callahan put out a request for someone to tweet a photoshopped picture of Trenni Kusnierek and Gary Tanguay’s faces over a specific picture of Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. 

And the accounts came through. 

“I asked our people and they delivered,” Callahan said as he saw the tweets. “We’re already getting the photoshops.” 

“I wouldn’t mind seeing any Gary/Trenni pictures from our creative listeners on Twitter,” Kirk Minihane said, laughing. “617 Report has one, too: Tanguay with a banana in his mouth. You guys are funny.”

Those guys are the group of listeners who have created the intriguing and entertaining world of WEEI parody accounts. 

A number of these accounts exist for hosts across all shows at the station but a select few stand out for their creativity and consistency. In the past year, the group has taken on a life of its own. They are frequently mentioned on K&C and retweeted by the station’s hosts. Everything from their avatars to their bios is awash with satire and inside jokes from the shows. 

There’s the DaleEArnoldTextLine (@PrayforDale) account, which lampoons Dale Arnold and his obsession with texts from listeners and giving out the call-in number. “617-779-7937 is #. Want me to read it again? Text # 37937. Never fake smile. 4@4 changed the world. @kirkmin's Radio Dad. Called every live sport ever,” his bio reads. 

The Uncle Dino MAFL (@PrayforDino) account parodies legendary former WEEI host John Dennis and is operated by other morning show favorite, the 617 Report (@617Report). All tweets from this account are typed in Dennis’s signature style of using excessive capitalization, exclamation points and numbers as words. 

Hearing a lot of people talkin about mean tweets . Just do what I do .  Make them long and illegible !  Don't forget 2 tell person 2 unfolo," one tweet reads.

Callahan forever (@SVCallahan22) focuses on Callahan’s fascination with the military (SV = stolen valor) and conservative political views.  

Sporty R. McKenzie (@SportyRMcKenzie) tweets as Minihane’s alter ego who talks about sports and only sports, while never gets in trouble with WEEI management. 

Some people (the great Larry Giantonio, for example) even tweet to Sporty R. McKenzie thinking he is actually Minihane, though it is clear he is a character. 

Speaking of Giantonio, the Minihane-obsessed WEEI caller hellbent on getting Kirk fired even has his own parody account. 

LarryfromNewburyport (@LarryfromN) popped up recently as a parody of Giantonio and his insane tweets complaining about Minihane and begging Evan Drellich to call him

“Larry caught my eye because I really think the thought of Kirk keeps him up at night. He's so inside of (Giantonio’s) head it’s scary,” LarryfromNewburyport said. “I thought I'd start a parody account to put a fun spin on how much the old EEI callers hate Kirk, Reimer and Trenni.  I'm a self-proclaimed Minifan and I think he's changed talk/sports radio in this town the same way Francesca and Stern did in New York.”

And K&C completely embraces the satire. 

“I wish our producers were as creative as our parody accounts,” the real Gerry Callahan said. “They make me laugh every day. They don’t miss anything. They never, ever take anything seriously.”

“Callahan forever doesn’t miss anything,” Callahan continued. “Uncle Dino is funny because he tweets exactly like Dino does. We like to think of the parody accounts as our own little Wack Pack. Howard Stern has his Wack Pack. We have tweeters. I wish we were all as creative as those guys.” 

As Callahan’s photoshop request on Wednesday shows, the accounts have become a component of the daily broadcast itself.  

“The K&C Show does a great job interacting with listeners. Twitter, much like it does for live sporting events, acts as a companion to the show,” Sporty R. McKenzie said. “Between the referenced articles being tweeted out by (producers) Chris (Curtis) and Ken (Laird), to the listener reaction tweets, the actual radio broadcast has become just a portion of the show experience. I laugh everyday at tweets retweeted by Kirk, Gerry or the K&C account, and I really get a kick out of the Uncle Dino, SV Callahan & Dale Text Line accounts.” 

With over 2,800 followers, Sporty R. McKenzie is the most popular account. 

“The dirty little secret about the Sporty account is that I created it about a year ago completely for my own entertainment,” Sporty said. “I spend most of my days trying to find the humor in life, so when I tweet from that account, I'm usually just making myself laugh. Obviously, I got the idea from Kirk's fictional character that he cites anytime a segment gets a little too sports-centric. His S-P-O-R-T-S rant that's used as an open on a regular basis is probably it's true conception. I didn't really have a plan for it but I essentially act as Kirk's recessive personality.” 

The paraody accounts have certainly taken notice of one another.

“Sporty is a huge parody influence on me. The gold standard. He doesn't overdo it, he stays on point with his tweets and stays in character,” Callahan forever said. “He's rarely off script. I'm not like that. I drift in and out of parody land and reality sometimes. I ramble, I tweet too much. I swing and miss a lot. I aspire to be more like him--less is more sometimes. We private message sometimes and he seems like a really funny guy. And down to earth too.” 

That’s another thing: there is an underbelly of this world in which the accounts privately communicate with each other about their work. 

“I DM Sporty McKenzie all the time and will occasionally shoot messages back and forth with the SV Callahan and the Pray for Dale account,” said Uncle Dino MAFL. “If I see someone tweet something that's pretty funny I'll let (the other accounts) know. If I see something that I think of that would be good content for one of the other accounts I'll give them a heads up … All of us are in on the joke so when we see something that could make good content for another person we usually try to give them a heads up.” 

So, how do these guys have time to listen to all the shows and maintain these accounts every day?

For Sporty, who works at a debt management company, it takes multitasking. 

“A lot of my tweets are sent while I'm at the gym,” he said. “Many of those ridiculous pictures I tweet out are created on my iPhone, surrounded by the clanking of weights and the hum of treadmills. Occasionally, I'll plan a tweet in preparation for a guest, casting couch co-host or a segment but for the most part I'm just reacting to the show.” 

LarryfromN manages a call center at a telecommunications company, has a nine year-old son and works on the account when he has free time. Uncle Dino MAFL also manages his 617 Report blog while working in a corporate position at a bank. He listens to K&C on his commute and in his headphones for the first few hours of work. 

“The main reason I started the parody account is because it doesn’t take time out of my day,” he said. “Takes maybe 20 seconds to fire off a tweet or three minutes to photoshop something. The (expletive) I post makes me laugh … It makes other people laugh and it’s helped me grow a small following on my blog.”

Callahan forever has worked at a large corporation in Boston for the past 25 years and is a self-proclaimed multi-tasker, making the account a good way to channel his nervous energy. He listens to K&C on his way to work and while he’s at the office. 

And it’s a complete secret to everyone in his life. 

“No one in my circle of family/friends knows that I do this,” he said. “This is my dark secret. My wife would have me committed if she found out.”

But he, like the other account operators, do this because they are long-time WEEI listeners, fans of the morning show and enjoy adding an entertaining off-air element to the broadcast. 

“I'm doing it for fun, because I think I can make people laugh and honestly I respect Gerry/Kirk and everyone associated with the show,” Callahan forever said. “At the end of the day I'm a fan and if I can do my part to add something or promote (the show), then great.”