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Wednesday’s Mashup: Matt Patricia says other teams knowing plays ‘pretty common’ in NFL, downplays awful head coaching debut

Lucy Burdge
September 12, 2018 - 6:18 am

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-- Matt Patricia downplayed his rough head coaching debut with the Lions during a conference call on Tuesday when he said it’s pretty common in the NFL for other teams to know opponents’ plays.

After the Lions lost 48-17 to the Jets on Sunday, Jets players said they knew exactly what plays the Lions were going to run offensively.

"I think we’re talking about something that’s pretty common to when you have to face an opponent, there’s going to be things there that you’re very familiar with," Patricia said. "Obviously, I would say, on both sides of the ball, there’s some high familiarity with some of the things that they do that we worked (in practice). They just obviously out-executed us and that was the biggest problem."

"There’s certainly very simplistic things that are used in the course of a game where guys do a good job of hearing things or studying things and seeing stuff at that standpoint," Patricia continued. "We certainly have the same situation for our side. We study opponents the same as everybody else does, and you kind of group, I would say, things into categories based on schemes and systems and that’s really important to understand. When you can do that, sometimes that’s helpful and sometimes it’s not."

He also responded to those who thought the Lions quit in the third quarter of the blowout.

"I think our guys fight hard every time," Patricia said. "I think they really try to do everything they can to win. We have competitive guys."

And Patricia is not worried about his team overcoming the 0-1 start to the season.

"These guys work really hard every single day," he said. "I give them a lot of credit for everything they try to do and they come in, they try to do it the right way and we’re obviously pushing forward and trying to learn and grow and get better at everything we’re doing right now so I don’t see any issue there whatsoever."

--  It looks like Dez Bryant is the latest athlete to forget to switch Twitter accounts.

Bryant was caught using a burner account Tuesday night when he used his own account to post a quote tweet in which he agreed with his own tweet criticizing the amount of respect he received from Cowboys coaches.

Bryant deleted the quote tweet but some caught on to the mistake before he took it down.

Kevin Durant found himself in a similar situation last year when he posted tweets from his own account criticizing the Thunder, his former team, and coach Billy Donovan in response to a fan asking why he left Oklahoma City.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "I could go 35-0 in the regular season with a zero (ERA) and it wouldn’t matter. I need to win in October. That’s that. Regular season means nothing for me." -- David Price, when asked what he takes the most satisfaction in as an individual player