Wiggy on Cam Newton offering fellow airline passenger $1,500 to switch seats: ‘The guy’s negotiation skills weren’t there’

Lucy Burdge
June 25, 2019 - 2:52 pm

Wiggy joined Dale & Keefe on Tuesday and they talked about Cam Newton offering a fellow airline passenger on a flight from Paris $1,500 for a seat with more leg room. 

Newton missed his original flight and was sitting in coach on this new flight. The passenger Newton asked to switch seats declined the offer. 

“If I had to get home I’d made sure I would've caught the flight,” Dale said.

“Yeah, I would’ve made it,” Keefe said. 

While Wiggy said when you’re in London or Paris you sometimes get caught up in stuff, even though Wiggy has never been to Europe. 

“The guy’s negotiation skills weren’t there,” Wiggy said of the other passenger. If the passenger has asked for $5,000, the guys think Newton would have paid it.