Wiggy introduces Mut to Atlanta’s Magic City ‘shake spot’

Lucy Burdge
January 31, 2019 - 9:45 am

Mut got the experience of a lifetime on Wednesday afternoon when Wiggy brought him to famous Atlanta shake spot (or strip club), Magic City.

They previewed their trip before venturing to the spot:

And Wiggy captured Mut’s pre-club thoughts before entering Magic City.

“Mut’s going in one way,” Wiggy said. “And he might come out completely different.”

And Mut did leave the club a different man.

“He was right,” Mut said, pointing at Wiggy. “It’s a different scene. They way he explains it … it is so much different than the Northeast, white strip club. This is better. They’re doing it better here.”

On Thursday morning, Wiggy said he and Mut drank Ciroq and Mut asked him endless questions while at the club.

Chris Curtis also joined them and was uncomfortable with the atmosphere, which was full of smoke.

He called it “an out-of-body experience” and hailed an Uber after six minutes.