Bruins’ Cassidy daydreams about possible Panarin trade

Matt Kalman
February 08, 2019 - 5:18 pm

Possibly the most transparent coach in the NHL revealed a little bit about what he does away from the rink Friday.

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy was asked about how he deals with the NHL trade deadline, which is coming up Feb. 25. Sometimes this time of year can be distracting to players that might be on the market.

“How do I approach it as a coach? I don’t talk to players about the trade deadline. I think they’re all aware of what’s going on. We just try to deal every day with the lineup we have, how we get better, we move pieces around, and that’s it,” Cassidy said.

“I try to stay in the moment, no different than any other day. Of course when I go home tonight I’m going to think ‘I wonder if we’ll trade for [Artemi] Panarin tonight.’ You know I’m human. But that’s it, right. Then it’s gone, then I’m cooking burgers or something at home.”

Columbus’ Panarin is one of the biggest talents that could be available between now and the deadline. He’s scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent July 1 and has said he won’t sign an extension with the Blue Jackets.

Cassidy was quick to make it clear he wasn’t making his comments in an attempt to tamper. After going through the Bruins options at third-line center if Boston doesn’t make a trade, Cassidy was asked again about Panarin and joked that “Panarin would play right wing, not center.”

Later the coach said, “I was using Panarin as an example again, I don’t want to get fined or anything. … I don’t know if I’m allowed to comment on other team’s players.”

Cassidy also said that while he was sure general manager Don Sweeney was working the phones looking for deals, he didn’t want to make any comments about what he thinks the Bruins need.

“So there’s areas that of course we could improve on. But I don’t want to disrespect the players,” Cassidy said.