Cassidy fairly certain Patrice Bergeron’s second only to Tom Brady among current Boston icons

Matt Kalman
May 23, 2019 - 10:39 am

Bruce Cassidy grew up a Bruins fan and he’s living out his second dream (after playing for the Bruins) by coaching them.

He’s also become an unabashed fan of other Boston’s sports teams. So he should be as qualified as judge as anyone on where center Patrice Bergeron ranks on the list of icons on the current Boston sports scene.

So with still several days to kill before the Bruins face the St. Louis Blues in the Stanley Cup Final (the series will finally begin Monday), Cassidy was asked about Bergeron’s place on the icons list.

“Well start with the Bruins, he’s probably, because he was drafted here and started at 18 – and there’s Zee [Zdeno Chara] too, of course, the captain, but Zee came from a different organization – so Bergy has a little different beginning than [Chara] in that regard. So he’s probably, if you look at that whole process from beginning to now, the face of the franchise for whatever X amount of years. So that’s what he has in the market.

“How does that compare to [Tom] Brady? Well Brady has six, right? I got it right, six Super Bowl rings. So you know Bergy’s a ways away from that unfortunately for him, good for the Patriots. As for the Red Sox, it’s a good question. Who would it be? Is it [Dustin] Pedroia maybe? But he’s not now as … Mookie’s [Betts] starting to become the young guy that’s maybe Pasta [David Pastrnak]. So I got to believe with the Celtics they’ve had some turnover, so Bergy, you guys tell me, you cover it more than I do, would he be the second-most or … that’s something you guys can debate, but certainly up there. With the Patriots success, you’re probably playing second fiddle, rightfully so, but certainly for us he’s up there.”

We know where his Bruins teammates rank Bergeron. Defenseman Brandon Carlo said the Bruins even have a nickname that sums up the future Hall of Famer and candidate for best two-way player in the history of the game.

“I don’t think there’s any particular thing that I could characterize [as perfect], it’s everything. I think when you see him and the way that he is, especially after three years of experience with him, you just kind of think of him as Mr. Perfect. So we have a lot of fun teasing him with that kind of stuff,” Carlo said.

“That guy, he’s got it all. As a younger guy you definitely look up to somebody like him, just with all that he’s accomplished, but mainly the man that he is off the ice. He’s so nice to all of us young guys, he’s always there for us. When I’ve been injured he’s been one of the first guys to personally text me and it’s just fantastic. His character is definitely something that you strive to be like.”

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