David Pastrnak’s goal between his legs one of best of NHL season

Matt Kalman
October 22, 2019 - 11:14 pm

Always humble, Brad Marchand claimed after the Bruins beat Toronto 4-2 on Tuesday at TD Garden that he wouldn’t dare try the between-the-legs moves David Pastrnak scored on during a first-period power play.

“No, I kind of know where my skills are and that’s not in my [skill set>,” said Marchand, who surpassed 100 points last season with plenty of fancy moves in addition to some hard-nosed plays. “I know that if I tried that I’d faceplant you know. It’s not just worth it to embarrass myself, I do that enough either ways. I’ll leave that to the skill guys, I’ll grind it out.”

Luckily for the Bruins, Pastrnak didn’t faceplant. He beat Maple Leafs goaltender Michael Hutchinson through his five-goal for a 1-0 lead 17:15 into the game.

The Bruins took two leads and let the Maple Leafs tie the score 1-1 and 2-2 but eventually prevailed on third-period goals by Brett Ritchie and Par Lindholm.

As for Pastrnak, he wasn’t bragging about having practiced that move his whole life or about how that’s going to be his go-to move. In typical Pastrnak fashion, the right wing with eight goals in his past four games credited luck for the score.

“Yeah probably instincts,” he said. “You know I don’t know, I was thinking about I should’ve passed it with the backhand, but then I kind of slid it between my legs. I tried a couple times in practice and it didn’t work, but it worked today. So it was lucky, kind of a lucky goal.”

Pastrnak said he’d tried that move last season against Nashville and it didn’t go as well. Proving that he’s more than a scorer, Pastrnak also had a spinning assist on Marchand’s goal at 6:09 of the second period.

Pastrnak wasn’t the first NHL player to succeed on a between-the-legs goal this season. Columbus’ Sonny Milano scored on one last week.

“Yeah, I saw that, it was insane. Definitely not going to try it on a breakaway.”

Asked which goal was better, Pastrnak deferred to Milano.

So now there’s a debate about the best goal in the NHL this season. And eight more months for Pastrnak, Milano and the rest of the league to come up with something better.