Rare video review win helps Bruins get win over Vancouver

Matt Kalman
February 04, 2020 - 11:35 pm

The Bruins have been on the wrong end of so many video review and coach’s challenges this season, they had to at least be a little shocked when one went their way Tuesday.

Charlie Coyle scored the first goal of the game 14:24 into the first period on a rebound of Charlie McAvoy’s shot from the blue line. But in the NHL, as the Bruins have learned the hard way, you can roll back the video several seconds to a zone entry that had little to do with the goal and nullify the goal if the play was even a millimeter offside.

Upon review, it appeared Sean Kuraly was still offside when McAvoy was carrying the puck back into the Vancouver zone. But after the goal was upheld, it was explained by the NHL Situation Room that because McAvoy didn’t touch the puck until Kuraly tagged up, the play was onside.

“Yeah, I tried to straddle the blue there for as long as I could until Kurls came over and I don’t know, I’m going to have to watch it to see how close it was. But to my understanding I just tried to not touch it until he was there,” McAvoy said.

Momentum can change on an overturned goal, and it has in several Bruins games this season. In this case, the goal sent them on their way to a 4-0 win, with Tuukka Rask making 25 saves and Brad Marchand, David Krejci and Karson Kuhlman adding goals.

Canucks coach Travis Green still disagreed with the ruling even after it was explained to him.

“Yeah, I thought it was offside, but I know the explanation that they gave and it is what it is,” he said.

What Green was probably thinking about was the offside call that went against Boston in Montreal, when it was ruled that Coyle wasn’t in possession of puck as he dragged it across the blue line. In this case, if the officials were looking at possession, it could have been ruled that McAvoy was offside before Kuraly cleared the zone.

But McAvoy’s play at the blue line was more of a dump-in that just went a few inches than a play where he was carrying the puck into the zone.

“I didn’t know,” Coyle admitted. “And then we kind of looked at the replay on the bench, and you could see he put the puck in before, but that was a great play not to touch it, kind of let it sit there. So then we knew before we thought we knew. You never know.”

Kuraly admitted he was also confused at first about whether he was onside or offside.

“You know what, I didn’t actually know for sure, but it just kind of made sense that if the puck was on and everyone was onside and it hadn’t been touched yet that it would be onside. And I’m glad it was,” he said.

Cassidy said he was fooled by the initial replay but upon a second look he knew the Bruins would be on the right side of the review. He was surprised Green challenged the play. Nonetheless, Green was probably subscribing to the notion that in the NHL, or in any professional sport nowadays when it comes to video review, you never know how something is going to be judged, so you might as well challenge.

The Bruins now know what it’s like to be on the right side of a review. What’s next a shootout win? Don’t get carried away.

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