Sweeney on Patrice Bergeron’s groin: ‘I don’t think we’re overly concerned’

Matt Kalman
September 11, 2019 - 3:05 pm

It’s troubling to those invested in the success of the Bruins that center Patrice Bergeron went into the offseason knowing he had a groin injury that he sustained during the Stanley Cup playoffs, and then showed up at the Bruins’ golf tournament Monday still nursing the same issue.

Even a Platelet Rich Plasma injection he had in July hadn’t yet done the trick to make Bergeron 100 percent ready to start the season.

Although Bergeron said the issue could be something he has to play through the rest of his career, general manager Don Sweeney said Wednesday that he’s confident the Bruins and Bergeron will be able to manage the issue without Bergeron’s performance being diminished.

“Well obviously the medical staff will have to speak to that, and Bergy himself. It’s lingered. He had a procedure a while back that would likely have alleviated it, but it’s a mileage issue as well,” Sweeney said. “So we have to manage that effectively and communicate effectively as to where he’s at and how he physically feels. You know we don’t anticipate it but you have to be realistic that it’s still there and he’s working through it, you know. But we’re doing it in a smart manner. And obviously he wouldn’t be out on the ice today if we didn’t feel that he was heading in the right direction. But it’ll be a workload issue, how we do those things through camp so that he gets the proper time to make sure he’s where he needs to be.”

“But I don’t think we’re overly concerned about it at this point. But you know it’s a bit of a thing that’s lingered.”

Bergeron is signed through the end of the 2021-22 season at an annual cap charge of $6.875 million. He had 79 points in 65 games, missing 16 games with a rib cage and collarbone injury. He had groin or sports hernia surgery each of the two offseasons before this summer, when he at least has only revealed that he had the PRP shot.

The Bruins are expected to be on the ice for the first time as a team Friday after training camp opens with physicals and testing on Thursday.