Brad Marchand on Zdeno Chara: 'He'll play on one arm, one leg'

Matt Kalman
June 06, 2019 - 1:37 pm

Like most Bruins, Brad Marchand isn’t surprised captain Zdeno Chara took the ice for an optional morning skate Thursday and is planning to play in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final at TD Garden despite a facial injury.

After all, the 6-foot-9 defenseman’s reputation for toughness preceded even his signing with the Bruins for the first time in July 2006.

“I think it was long before … obviously he was with this team. It’s just engrained in him. I think when you hear the stories about how he was brought up, he was brought up as a tough, hard-working person, very respectful, so it doesn’t surprise me at all to see him,” Marchand said. “I don’t think it surprises anyone to see him out there. He wants to win more than anything and he shows that every single night.

“You never know what he’s playing through because he keeps everything quiet, to himself. He’s not worried about complaining about injuries or anything like that, he’s willing to play with one leg, one arm, it doesn’t matter. He’s just out there working as hard as he can and sacrificing his body. Zee knows at the end of the day, when you win, it’s worth everything that you go through.”

It appears that if Chara plays he’ll be wearing a jaw protector and a visor.

After just one season of playing with Chara, defenseman John Moore is ready to tell his kids to model their lives after Chara’s.

“It’s something you’ll tell your kids about in terms of toughness and life lessons and showing up to work, no matter what. If he’s doing that, then you look at yourself: Why can’t I bring my best? I think that reverberates throughout the room,” Moore said.

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