Bruins' Matt Grzelcyk, dad not taking Garden ice conditions personally

Matt Kalman
April 23, 2019 - 11:44 am

Brad Marchand brought it up unprovoked after the Bruins won Game 6 in Toronto on Sunday, so the TD Garden ice conditions have been a hot topic heading into Game 7 of the Eastern Conference first round against the Maple Leafs on Tuesday.

No one knows what it takes to get the Garden ready for a game than defenseman Matt Grzelcyk, whose father John has worked on the bull gang for decades.

So what does he expect for Game 7? asked him during the Bruins’ morning media availability:

“I don’t know, yeah. I guess we’ll see, I don’t know if the weather has anything to do with it or what’s going on at the Garden,” Grzelcyk said. “But yeah I guess it was pretty tough for Game 5. So that’s what you can kind of expect at this time of year. So both teams have to go out there and play on the same ice. We’ll do our best to keep an eye on the ice conditions for sure.”

The Bruins don’t have to worry about causing familial discord. Grzelcyk’s dad obviously doesn’t want there to be controversy that he can be teased about, but he takes what his son and teammates dish out lightheartedly.

“Me and Pasta actually gave him grief after the game. He didn’t like it, we were kind of joking, but he obviously doesn’t have much to do with that. But yeah we were able to kind of poke some fun at him for sure,” the younger Grzelcyk said.

Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy was confident the ice would be better for Game 7.

“Well it’s the same for both teams, right? So that’s an equalizer," Cassidy said. "I suspect it’ll be better. I think some of it had to with we were managing Celtics games, so I assume … I don’t know how much that affects it. The weather outside I assume affects it. I know there’s construction, there’s all those things. I guess the short answer, which is too late now, is I assume our crew will do their best they can to get it up to speed given they’ve got a little better circumstances to work with seeing the Celtics have clinched rather than flipping the floor back and forth.”

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