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Bruins intrigued by Carolina’s new post-win ritual

Matt Kalman
October 10, 2018 - 4:39 pm

Zdeno Chara hadn’t seen replays of the Carolina Hurricanes’ new post-victory celebration when asked about it Wednesday afternoon, but the Bruins captain was intrigued.

He’d witnessed several unique celebrations in Europe – players diving and sliding into each other among other things – over the years, but never in the NHL. So the Hurricanes’ new routine (done twice so far this season) of lining up at the blue line, clapping their hands over the heads and then sprinting to the opposite end of the rink before leaping into the glass was described to him. Leave it to the contemplative Chara to consider the serious team-building aspects of such an act that could just as easily be considered silly.

“I think that back in the old days, that’s not what was done. You kind of went to the goalie and you left the ice as a team,” Chara told after practice on Wednesday. “Then I think the New York Rangers were the first ones to go into the middle of the ice and raise their sticks. And a few teams did start doing similar stuff ... I knew Winnipeg took their gloves off and did the handshake

“ I think that’s just to show like kind of a bond a little bit, shows the team worked and kind of like a gesture toward each other and towards the city and the fans that the team is united and working together.”

Hurricanes captain Justin Williams came up with the idea after management suggested the Hurricanes do something different after games. The run-and-crash debuted Sunday after a home win against the Rangers and was repeated Tuesday after a win over the Vancouver Canucks.

Bruins forward Sean Kuraly knows a thing or two about crashing into the glass. Ever since he burst onto the NHL scene in the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs, Kuraly has made a leap into the glass or into the middle of the ice part of his goal celebration.

“I thought it was pretty cool, actually,” Kuraly said.

Fellow forward Jake DeBrusk is a bit of a connoisseur of goal celebrations, with fist pumps and knee bends usually part of his repertoire. He’d never seen a post-victory celebration by an entire team like the one Carolina did until he saw it on the highlights.

“You know, it’s their team thing,” DeBrusk said. “There’s probably going to be some guys, maybe one or two, that kind of make fun of it maybe here or there, hopefully not. But in saying that I think, hey, if it’s a team thing, it’s a team thing.

 “I mean they’re part of a group and I guess it’s cool and I guess it’s something they’re doing.”

Don’t expect the Bruins to come up with their own post-win performance because Chara said the Bruins will probably stick to their usual celebration with their goaltender after the horn sounds and “Dirty Water” plays. And what Chara says goes.

“If he would [tell me to do something different], I’d be doing it,” DeBrusk said.

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