Matt Light on MFB: Goodell 'like a 2-year-old,' can't admit mistakes

July 29, 2015 - 9:35 am

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Former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light made a living protecting Tom Brady from taking hits for years. He's still defending his old teammate, but now he's the one doling out the shots, not receiving them.

Light called in to Middays with MFB on Wednesday to talk about the latest twists of the Deflategate story, still firmly entrenched in the pro-Patriots camp. To listen to the interview, go the the MFB audio on demand page.

Much of Light's criticism of the ruling was rooted in dissatisfaction with commissioner Roger Goodell's abilities to lead the NFL.

"He's like a 2-year-old," Light said. "He can't admit any wrong. He can't make something right by admitting that he's done something, and unfortunately we're talking about this again and again because of poor leadership."

Ultimately, Light views the entire Deflategate ordeal as an unjust inquiry and investigation, bent on reaching a certain verdict rather than finding truth. Consequently, Light thinks there should be another person at the helm of the country's most powerful sports league.

"Are the NFL's intentions really to get to the bottom of this and make this a fair trial, so to speak? No. I think we're way past that," Light said. "There's no trust between the NFL and the Patriots, the NFL and Tom Brady. I think that really, at the end of the day, we need to be talking about getting somebody in that can uphold the integrity of the NFL a lot better than Roger Goodell."

Light was adamant that the four-game suspension imposed on Brady is excessive and without prior precedent.

"I think this case is pretty simple. When you look at from the NFLPA's standpoint, there's no precedent for anything that's been done before," Light said. "Why now? And especially, why this guy? We're not talking about a guy that's been arrested and he's made some terrible decisions off the field and on the field he's been a bad example. We're talking the poster child. We're talking about the guy that affords a guy like Roger Goodell to make $44 million a year."

According to Light, Brady maintains the support of most players league-wide.

"The overwhelming number of guys in the National Football League, past and present, support a guy like Tom," he said.

With the announcement of the suspension being upheld came the revelation that Brady, the NFL claims, destroyed his cellphone. Brady's response on Facebook said that his phone broke and he acquired a new one. Light said that using Brady's cellphone as a cornerstone of the discipline is "absurd."

"If the cellphone was such an integral part of this, if the cellphone is what he's literally basing all of his discipline on, which is really what he's done, then why haven't we brought up a cellphone in any other case?" Light said. "What he's doing is saying, 'We think maybe there's some text messages that could prove what we think happened.' Well, wouldn't that be the case on anything that's ever been done?"