Matt Light on WAAF: Patriots lost battle with Broncos up front because of snap count issues

January 29, 2016 - 7:55 am

[caption id="attachment_87003" align="alignright" width="150"]Matt LightMatt Light[/caption] Former Patriots offensive lineman Matt Light told WAAF Friday morning that the root of the issues for New England's offensive line in the AFC title game came down to an inability to execute a silent snap count against the Broncos' fearsome pass rush. Speaking on "The Hill-Man Morning Show," Light said that as a fan, it was "tough for everybody to watch," but it was clear why the Patriots lost. "[Denver] is a horrible place to go play, especially in that circumstance," he said. "You've got the best defense in the league. You're in their place. And you don't practice a snap count? It blows my mind that, really, the game was lost because of a snap count. "I don't think that they practiced their snap count at all, really, to any degree. We went into a game being able to snap silent count five different ways. Not two. Five. And in that game, I watched them on the snap count and I was blown away. You're handcuffing your tackles, and that's what happens when you don't effectively run a silent snap count. And it was terrible to watch." Light hammered home two other points: there was no scenario where the New England offensive linemen could make the Denver rushers "fear" the possibility of having their legs taken out, as well as the fact that tight end Rob Gronkowski wasn't utilized in hopes of trying to slow down the Broncos. "Give me at least one three-step because I need to make this guy fear a little bit of his up the field pass rush by me taking his legs out from underneath him," Light said. "Or, hey, let's bring Gronk from the outside and let's crack one of these defensive ends, like he did with [ex-Buffalo defensive end] Aaron Schobel and knocked him into another galaxy and literally spun his helmet off his head, and the guy literally didn't even want to take two steps upfield at that point. "They didn't give [Denver] anything to think about," he added. "They didn't have to keep them honest in any way throughout that whole game plan, and then the snap count obviously was terrible. It wasn't the talent on the field. They could have beat that team with a little bit more preparation and doing things a little better, and it didn't happen." Light said the move from longtime offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia to Dave DeGuglielmo -- who was fired days after the game -- was a sizable change. "You take a guy like Dante Scarnecchia, who never let off the pedal for an instant and always drilled into us that it's got to be better and we've got practice this. And, yeah, Dante, we get it," he said. "But [the 2015 team] didn't get it. "I don't think the atmosphere in that offensive line room is the same without a guy like Dante." For more Patriots news, check out DraftKings DraftKings has your shot to play for FREE in the $1 Million Fantasy Football Contest THIS SUNDAY! First place takes home $100,000! FOR FREE ENTRY, CLICK HERE.