Mike Carp: Two bad calls in one at-bat 'cannot happen in a big league ballgame'

August 16, 2013 - 7:55 pm
Mike Carp slammed his helmet and yelled at the umpire after being called out on strikes with the bases loaded and two outs in the bottom of the seventh inning, and was immediately tossed from the game. However, he may have had good reason to be angry. Carp appeared to be hit by a pitch in the at-bat, when a Shawn Kelley pitch dipped and ricocheted off of his foot. However, when Carp tried to walk down to first base, umpire Bill Welke called him back and told him to get back into the batter'€™s box to finish the at-bat. '€œHe said it didn'€™t hit me,'€ Carp said. '€œWe all got to see replays. You guys speak for yourself.'€ After taking a ball for a full count, Carp watched what looked like ball four sail just outside of the strike zone and was ready to take his base for a walk. Carp received more bad news from Welke, however, who rung him up for the final out of the inning. The called strike three -- which appeared to be well outside of the strike zone -- induced Carp'€™s outburst, which resulted in his second ejection of the season and in his entire career. "It speaks for itself why I was frustrated and a little livid in that situation," said Carp. "Two calls in one at-bat, it cannot happen in a big league ballgame. We got bases loaded right there, one swing of the bat changes the whole outcome of the game. I mean that'€™s what we fight to do as a team. We fight to extend innings. I extended the inning twice. It didn'€™t work out so well and we couldn'€™t capitalize in that situation. "We try to extend ballgames. You guys see what happens when we extend ballgames," Carp added, alluding to the Sox' commonplace comebacks in the late innings this year. "Anything can happen, we'€™re right back in it. That'€™s what we try to do. And unfortunately it didn'€™t work that way."