The best burns from the never-ending Brad Marchand-Torey Krug Twitter feud

Mike Cratty
March 07, 2019 - 11:07 am

If you're a Bruins fan with a Twitter account, there's a good chance you have stumbled upon Brad Marchand and Torey Krug's Twitter hijinks. Here's the best of the best, working down from the good exchanges to the great ones.

While the feud seems to have heated up recently, it's been going on since at least the summer. Marchand never responded to Krug on this one, but it's still funny.

Patrice Bergeron's 1,000 games milestone found its way into the crossfire.

Another epic exchange came fairly recently. Like most of these, the focus was the two veterans' height, or lack thereof.

The feud flared up again this week.

But then Krug crossed a line by bringing Bergeron into it in the wake of Marchand announcing the launch of his Instagram account.

While it's all been pretty good, the best exchange of this whole feud ended with a licking punchline for the ages.

There's good reason to expect that this feud is far from over. Hockey Twitter surely can't wait to see what's next.


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