Mike Emrick on The Big Show: 'I thought there was adequate evidence' to suspend Alex Burrows

June 03, 2011 - 11:23 am

Announcer Mike "Doc" Emrick, who is calling the Stanley Cup finals for NBC and Versus, joined The Big Show Friday afternoon to offer his insight into the Bruins-Canucks series while watching injured Canucks forward Manny Malhotra practice with his team in Vancouver. To hear the interview, go the The Big Show audio on demand page. Discussing the Bruins' struggling power play, Emrick said: "I'm not sure that there's a solution to this problem, or the Bruins would have had it by now. So, maybe they're just going to have to win the way they know how to win, which I thought was the way they played in Game 1." Added Emrick: "This is kind of like a team in the NFL winning key games with a negative rushing yardage. You just don't see it. But then again, this has been an exceptional team that has played really well, done a lot of things just like this. There's nothing that says if you can win a seventh game in overtime against Montreal and not score a power-play goal in any of the seven games '€” including overtime, when you had a power play '€” then maybe you're a team of destiny. We'll know a little more after the second game." Touching on the controversy involving Alex Burrows' alleged bite of Patrice Bergeron's finger, Emrick questioned the league's decision not to suspend Burrows. "I was surprised, because I thought there was '€” at least to the layman '€” I thought there was adequate evidence," he said. "And I think the thing that meant more to me than actually watching the video '€¦ was to talk to players who were not affiliated with either Boston or Vancouver and who were retired, who know the players' mentality. And this may seem naive, but I approached it in this way: Does he know what he's about to do, and does he know what he's doing when he does it? And the clear answer was yes, he does. So then, if you add that together with the video evidence, you have to say that's suspendable." Rookie Tyler Seguin has continued to play but hasn't had the same impact as he did early in the Lightning series. Emrick is in favor of limiting the youngster's minutes. "I like a lot of what he brings," Emrick said. "I guess I'm old school enough to think that guys should serve some time in the minors and spend a lot of time there learning the craft. Then again, we have to be realistic, that this is not the NHL I grew up with. '€¦ If it were a push-comes-to-shove game I might want a shover in Shawn Thornton in. "I realize there's offensive brilliance that Seguin brings. But this is a different level you get to. Each level gets cranked up a little bit more. And I know these are cliches, but the reason their cliches is because they're true. If it were my choice, I would think let's let him sit one and then let him come back and play in Boston if the situation warrants it. But then again, I'm not the coach."