Alex Rodriguez thinks Ryan Dempster was 'silly and unprofessional'

Mike Petraglia
August 18, 2013 - 10:40 pm
Alex Rodriguez didn't charge the mound after getting hit on the left elbow and ribs with a Ryan Dempster 3-0 fastball in the second inning Sunday night. The embattled Yankee superstar saved up his revenge for a solo homer that started a four-run sixth inning in New York's 9-6 win. "Honestly, I had like 15 of my teammates come up and say, 'hit a [expletive] bomb and walk it off," Rodriguez said. "They were pissed off and so was I. "It was the ultimate revenge." Then afterward, he let Dempster have it with a tirade. "Whether you like me or hate me, what's wrong is wrong," Rodriguez said. "It was unprofessional and silly, and kind of a silly way to get someone hurt on your team as well." Rodriguez said he's not worried that Sunday's incident could be repeated down the stretch of the season. "I'm not at all," he said. "That today kind of brought us together. Joe's reaction was amazing. Every single one of my teammates came up to me and said, 'hit a bomb and walk it off' and they were as pissed as I was." There was a moment of comic relief when Rodriguez, appealing a 211-game MLB suspension for PED use, was asked if he thought Dempster should be suspended. "I'm the wrong guy to be asking about suspensions. I have an attorney I can recommend. Don't ask me that question." Yankees manager Joe Girardi charged out of the dugout, appealing to home plate umpire Brian O'Nora that he be ejected for intentionally throwing at Rodriguez. Did Rodriguez expect this at some point? "Look, my only focus is to play baseball and to play baseball the right way," he said. "That was silly and unprofessional, and my teammates reacted. I thought Joe's reaction was incredible. Hopefully, we can take this and build some momentum for the rest of the year." Rodriguez stared at Dempster but chose not to charge the mound. "I'm focused on winning games," Rodriguez said. "At this point, I think every player is too valuable. I'm too valuable to go out there and get thrown out of the game so is every guy on our team. But I thought we handled it the right way and we reacted the right way with a win. I was pissed off." Rodriguez said he was caught totally off-guard when the at-bat began with a pitch behind his knees. After two more pitches inside, Dempster came inside with a fastball and drilled him on the left arm. "I had no idea," Rodriguez said. "Obviously, I'm focused in on getting a good pitch, getting on base. I was the leadoff guy that inning. Just stupid, silly. "I thought it was over at that point. I thought the umpires would handle it at least and make sure no one gets hurt in that situation."