Brock Holt flies the common route to his first All-Star Game

Mike Petraglia
July 13, 2015 - 4:33 pm
CINCINNATI -- No one can ever accuse Brock Holt of getting pampered in his first All-Star appearance, at least not in his travel to the game. After playing in Boston's 8-6 loss to the Yankees Sunday at Fenway, Holt flew a regional airline from Boston to Cincinnati Monday morning and joined up with his wife and mother and father, who will be watching Tuesday as the Red Sox super utility player represents Boston at the Midsummer Classic. "It's been nice. It hasn't been as crazy as I thought it would be. We flew in this morning. I got here, checked in, took a little beauty nap upstairs," Holt told "I was pretty tired. But it's been pretty cool. They have everything scheduled pretty nice. It's pretty easy to know where you're supposed to be and when you're supposed to be there. It's been a lot of fun so far. "I'm just happy to be here. I'm just going to take the memories with me. A lot of people don't get a chance to do this. Just being here and being around these guys. It's just going to be fun. Mom and dad are here and my wife, obviously. Her family is here as well. My sister made the trip as well. My brother is the only one who couldn't make it. He had to work. We're enjoying the time we spend with them." Holt was chosen by Kansas City manager Ned Yost as one of the reserves last week because of his remarkable versatility that Red Sox have grown accustomed since the start of 2014. This year, Holt is batting .292 with a .379 on-base percentage. In 71 games (64 starts), Holt has played and started at every position except catcher and pitcher. He has more starts in the outfield (24) than anywhere in the infield. "The versatility part is something I was never really used to until last year when I started moving around," Holt said. "I never expected to play outfield in the major leagues, first base especially. I came up as a second baseman, slash shortstop, moved around those two positions quite a bit. "Everyone always asks if I wanted to have one position where I could play every day and focus on it, yeah, that would be nice. But the versatility part has kind of helped me find a place and given me an opportunity to play a lot, get playing time and show what I'm capable of doing. It's been a lot of fun. "When I found out I was Ned Yost's choice, manager's choice, that's almost better than being selected by the fans because people within the game are noticing what you're doing. You go out and play and play hard for your teammates and your coaches and staff members are on your side. Whenever the guys on the other side that go through the same stuff you do, just in a different uniform, when they notice what you're doing, it sort of means a lot more." Holt said he has no idea what to expect until he gets to the park Tuesday. "I do not. We'll go to the field [Tuesday], wherever I end up is wherever I end up. Just happy to be here," Holt said. "It's kind of the way things are for me. John does a good job during the season, if I'm going to be moving around to certain spots, he lets me know the night before. I've always just come to the field ready to play, just look at the lineup and see where I'm at. [Tuesday] will be no different. I'm sure they'll give me a heads up." Is Holt looking forward to meeting any All-Star in particular? "Nah. Everyone, man. Everyone. I'm happy to be here and just get to be around the guys you play against," Holt said. "You see them from across the way but you never really get to see them or talk to them. I'm just excited to be here with everyone."