Cuban muzzle crisis...

Mike Petraglia
January 26, 2009 - 5:58 am

While watching a shell-shocked and depressed Mark Cuban sit on a trainer's table following his team's 124-100 laydown at the hands of the Celtics on Sunday, one couldn't help but feel the misery. Maybe he needed medical help, the kind you get when you lay down on one of those tables and share your woes with a professional, or at least with the internet world via his own blog. But unfortunately, he hasn't yet. If he does, here are some suggestions. Was trading for Jason Kidd an abominable mistake? Does Dirk Nowitzki have any toughness? Did it bother him that his team was down by 32 in the second quarter of a game on national TV? And does he really feel the NBA, and the officials in particular, are picking on him when they call a technical on the Dallas bench with 2:10 remaining in the fourth quarter? The stat sheet reads that it was called on assistant Mario Elie but all indications are it was called on the owner who was doing something you're not supposed to be doing as an owner... sitting behind the bench. He mouthed off and the bench was assessed with a technical but NBA rules state a technical needs to be levied on an individual. Elie apparently was sitting the closest to Cuban. Jan Hubbard, a nationally-renowned Dallas-based writer for the Fort Worth Telegram, writes that former Celtic and current Mavs head coach Rick Carlisle should have seen this one coming. Some other odds and ends... Cleveland Browns owner Randy Lerner, with the help of new coach Eric Mangini, has tabbed Mangini's former roomate George Kokinis as the team's new general manager, after a long wait. Mangini and Kokinis came into the NFL at the same time in 1991 with Bill Belichick's Cleveland Browns.