Dennis Seidenberg insists, 'I pride myself on being a clean player'

Mike Petraglia
December 11, 2014 - 7:45 pm
Dennis Seidenberg knew his hit on Jonathan Toews looked bad the moment it happened in the second period, as the Bruins were trying to kill off the final minute of consecutive penalties that put the Bruins in penalty kill mode. But the strong, hulking defenseman made a point after the game that he meant no harm and certainly didn't intend to put Toews out of of commission for the rest of the game. For the record, 49 seconds after getting hit by Seidenberg, Toews was actually on the ice, getting called for hooking Chris Kelly. But after serving his hooking penalty, Toews went to the Chicago dressing room and did not return. After the game, Seidenberg insisted he meant no harm toward Chicago's star center. "I pride myself on being a clean player and a hard player to play against, so when I went in on that one-on-one battle there, I thought I saw his right shoulder and at the last second he might have turned, I don'€™t know," Seidenberg said. "I didn't really see the replay or anything and obviously I never want to see a guy go into the boards like that. "I would never want to hurt a guy," he added. "That'€™s the last thing on my mind. I like playing hard and winning my board battles and that'€™s about it." Seidenberg acknowledged that part of the issue with the dangerousness of the play was the proximity of Toews and Seidenberg to each other. "When he went into the boards it didn't look good," Seidenberg added. "I tried to go through the hands and it just kind of happened to be that he spun a little bit. I don'€™t know, I would have to look at it again and then maybe I could talk more about it. "I mean, it definitely always happens, it'€™s a battle along the boards. Again he might have turned, he might not have turned, you just try to get to the puck and that'€™s my thought on the play and that'€™s it." The NHL reviews any and every questionable play. Seidenberg has never even had a call from the NHL's Player Safety Department. Is he worried about getting a call on this one? "How do you know if it is going to be reviewed?" Seidenberg replied. "I don'€™t know, obviously it didn't look good, but we'€™ll see what happens. There'€™s nothing I can do."