False by design

Mike Petraglia
November 19, 2010 - 8:17 am

Upon first glance, the purported leaked proposal from Nike to, ahem, re-design the uniform for all NFL teams will be met with some intense reaction by most fans who like the uniforms just the way they are. Come to find out - according Darren Rovell of CNBC on his twitter page - that it was all a big hoax. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy also confirmed the false reports of uniform changes on his twitter page. Nike didn't release NOR design the Patriots look to the right, according to Rovell. One hint that they were bogus: Look closely and you'll see the "Flying Elvis" logo is reversed. Good thing. Unless you're a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and their hideous stripes down the pant legs, you probably would be wondering what Nike was thinking when they put these artistic sketches to a football uniform. But it does make you wonder. As the world saw from examples across college football (like the Oregon Ducks and Virginia Tech), some of Phil Knight's ideas are indeed very serious and being implemented. And in October, Nike did pry the uniform rights to the NFL away from Reebok starting in 2012. News of the new uniform look across the NFL leaded out this week and sent shock waves across the sports fashion world and inspired all types of opinions from fashionistas. For a more complete sneak peak, check out the Baltimore Ravens site that published the "best" and the "worst" of Nike's re-designs. As for the Tom Brady mock up to the right, he's been criticized for his "Justin Bieber" hair all season. Could even he make this uniform look good? The Patriots uniform - as proposed here - ranks No. 1 in worst new look. Pretty bad when you look worse than the Bengals. No shock either that Nike did practically nothing with the Browns. After all, what can you do with their uniform? Other questions abound. What would Gisele think? Was Gisele even consulted for the new look? Could anyone cover the Patriots' receivers when they're laughing so hard running down the field? What do you think of this modernistic look?