Is frustration already setting in for these Bruins?

Mike Petraglia
April 15, 2011 - 6:33 am

The Game 1 loss to the Canadiens had been in the books less than an hour when Bruins coach Claude Julien took to the podium to fulfill his obligation of addressing the media. Naturally, he wasn't in the best spirits after Carey Price shut down and shut out the Bruins, 2-0, in the opener of the Eastern quarterfinal series at TD Garden. He was asked all the questions you'd expect but there was one question asked repeatedly in different ways. How frustrating was it for your team - again with Stanley Cup aspirations - not to be able to find the back of the net? They out-shot the Canadiens, 31-18 and dominated the second period by an 18-6 tally. "I think that'€™s one thing that we had talked about'€”not getting frustrated with certain things," Julien said. "But obviously we felt we should have came out with something better than we did in the second period and unfortunately we didn'€™t capitalize. We had some great opportunities, but I think there'€™s reasons for that. I don'€™t think we did a very good job of taking away his [Carey Price] vision. He saw a lot of shots tonight and he saw a lot of pucks. We definitely have to get better in that area if we plan on scoring some goals. We had some quality chances as well that we didn'€™t capitalize on and when you get those quality chances, you have to make sure you bury those." Julien was honest and upfront as much as he could be - about the 0-for-3 power play and about his top line of David Krejci, Nathan Horton and Milan Lucic not producing and about what they need to do to regroup for Game 2 Saturday. "I think when you look at the score sheet tonight, it'€™s pretty obvious that we need those guys to produce for us and they'€™re amongst the rest of the team that has to do a better job of that," Julien said. "But, you know, again, we'€™ll deal with those kind of things internally, but no doubt we have some players that we'€™d like to see be a little better offensively and give us a little bit more of an offensive punch to their game. "The first power play [of the game] definitely didn'€™t do a very good job. Certainly, at that time, you kind of needed that momentum, but you know, the ones afterwards, I thought we had some great shots from the blueline. Again, same old, same old. We had some great shots, but we didn'€™t do a very good job in front of the net with the screens, with the loose pucks, and weren'€™t able to capitalize." Then came suggestions from the media about perhaps moving around lines, giving energy lines like Shawn Thornton's more time on the ice. That's when Julien's frustration was apparent. "It'€™s all second-guessing," Julien said. "You guys can do what you want with that stuff. Certainly our guys were there and we had lots of chances, certainly not about who was there and who would have done a better job, because there are some [video] clips of that line that weren'€™t in front of the net when they should have been also. So it'€™s not about pointing fingers at certain players and thinking others would have done the job. I think tonight our whole team needed to be better in that area. It was from the first line to the fourth line. Will the Bruins try to play more physical for the next game? "I'€™m not going to stand here and tell you everything we'€™re going to do, right? Why, to me, why would you ask that question? As far as physical, we just played the game that we dominated, I thought we dominated a good part of the game, we spent a lot of time in the offensive end and basically we didn'€™t score goals. I don'€™t know if it had anything to do with the physical play. By spending more time in the offensive zone, we actually dominated in those areas where we were able to spend a lot of time there. So I don'€™t know if the physical game was the reason we didn'€™t win tonight more than the fact that we weren'€™t able to capitalize."