Grady Sizemore 'fine' after falling down on warning track, hopeful to play Tuesday vs. Rays

Mike Petraglia
March 01, 2014 - 12:21 pm

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Once he got up immediately in the first inning Saturday, John Farrell knew Grady Sizemore was fine and ready to stay in the game against the Twins. It was just another test along the path to seeing if the former All-Star outfielder's body is up to the task of returning to major league games in 2014. Brian Dozier laced a double to deep left-center and Sizemore tracked the ball from his position in center. He got to the warning track and lost his footing and fell awkwardly. "I'm fine," Sizemore said after the 6-2 loss to the Twins. "I think all game reps are good right now. Everything helps. As much work as I can get in games is going to be very beneficial. I felt good today. Everything felt good, as good as I could hope for, as far as the body and knees and so forth. "I'm happy to just get through these games and feel good and feel strong and not come in the next day with any lingering issues. So far, it's going to be good." Sizemore and Farrell both agreed after the game that while Sizemore doesn't want to lose his aggressive style of play, he also needs to be practical as he attempts a comeback from back and knee issues that have kept him out of baseball since 2011. "I'm not going to think about it," Sizemore said. "Obviously, I'm going to try and be smart but I'm going to still play aggressively and try not to change the way I play or think about it while I'm out there." Added Farrell, "The fact that he's more conscious of what he's been through and maybe the cause for some of the previous injuries because of that style of play, we can't say we're going to eliminate that completely but there's also a willingness on his part to maybe anticipate things a little bit differently." Farrell said after the game that the hope is to start giving Sizemore some days off before ramping up his load. Sizemore, who played in games in two of three days, is now tentatively set to play Tuesday against the Rays at JetBlue Park. "I think he'll answer some of those questions as we get deeper into camp," Farrell said of the workload. "We're also going to build in some recovery days as well and that's coming up for him. He'll be back on the field probably on Tuesday and give him another three or four days off after that to gradually ramp up the workload." "When we start putting multiple days together, whether it's games or workouts, there will be days where I'll be sore or not as strong as the other days but for the most part, the last week or so has been really good," Sizemore added. "I've bounced back well."