Jacoby Ellsbury stares out at Edward Mujica after getting drilled Sunday night in the eighth inning. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

Jacoby Ellsbury fires back at Edward Mujica, Red Sox after HBP: 'I didn't even feel it. ... He's just lucky I didn't steal 2 bases off him'

Mike Petraglia
May 03, 2015 - 9:30 pm

Jacoby Ellsbury didn't charge the mound or incite a fight after getting hit on the right butt cheek in apparent retaliation for the drilling of Hanley Ramirez in the sixth inning of Sunday night's 8-5 Yankees' win over the Red Sox at Fenway Park. Ellsbury, instead, chose a postgame jab session with reporters to fire back at Ramirez, Edward Mujica and the Red Sox. "We're definitely [not] trying to throw at Hanley," Ellsbury said of the two-out beaning of Ramirez on the left hip in the sixth, with the Yankees leading 8-1. "I don't know why he got all riled up in the first place." Ramirez dropped his bat and stared at Yankee starter Adam Warren before slowly taking his base. Mujica would exact a measure of revenge in the top of the eighth, drilling Ellsbury in the backside, after coming up and in on two of the three pitches. "You throw one up and in and then 3-0, you come at me," Ellsbury said. "I don't really care what they're trying to do over there but [just what] we're trying to do, so I just took my base and let them know I didn't appreciate it. "I don't need to get thrown out. I don't need to miss any games. I realize my importance to my team. It didn't hurt anyway. If it hurt ... I didn't even feel it. He's just lucky I didn't steal two bases off him." Said Yankees manager Joe Girardi: "I thought it was a little bit fishy. But only Mujica knows for sure." Ellsbury, who reached base a career-high six times (including four hits), continued to land punches with his postgame comments. "Maybe they didn't want me to get another hit," Ellsbury said. Did he exchange words with Mujica? "I wasn't really looking at him," Ellsbury said. "I know I glanced over his way and stood there for a second. I wasn't really worried about what he had to say. I didn't say anything. I just took my base. Like I said, I like where we're headed. There's no reason for me to miss any games. I know how valuable I am to this team. That's the approach I took. "If I we're 0-fer, I don't think they'd throw at me. There was just no need for it. I was happy about it. I really wanted to score the time I got hit. I was hoping they would give me something to hit in my last at-bat. I got walked on four straight pitches." Thanks to Ellsbury and Gardner at the top of the order, the Yankees swept the Red Sox at Fenway in a series of at least three games for the first time since the five-game sweep in 2006. "It was great win for us," Ellsbury said. "Obviously, this rivalry always gets heated up. I've been part of it for eight years now." Added Ellsbury: "You don't appreciate anything coming up near the head. If they were throwing at me, there's no need for retaliation just because we weren't trying [to hit Ramirez]. Why would we try to hit him? So, sometimes if it's warranted, you understand. But we weren't trying to hit him, that's for sure. "It never matters where we are in the standings. I feel like any time we play each other, it feels more like a playoff game, even if the standings don't mean anything. Obviously, it's early in the year. We're going out competing each and every day, win each series. We like where we're headed. We're headed in the right direction and keep trying to win series. Between these two teams, there's always a little bit more riding on it and a lot of pride." As for Ramirez's reaction, Ellsbury wouldn't speculate. "Who knows what he was thinking? We're not trying to hit you," Ellsbury said. "I think their guys would say that. We weren't trying to hit you. There's no reason we were trying to hit him. If it warrants it, it warrants it. There's no need to retaliate in a situation like that. "We've got a lot of competitors in here. We know we've got to go up to Toronto and play well there. We like how we're playing. We're not concerned with what they're doing over there. We're playing good baseball. We had a chip on our shoulders in spring training. It's nice to see that hard work and play early on in the season." Does this officially make Ellsbury a Yankee? "Nah. I'm just mad I didn't steal two bases," Ellsbury answered.