John Farrell speaks to his world champions and reminds them of 'today' message

Mike Petraglia
February 20, 2014 - 12:03 pm

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Chuck Noll had a motto he liked to tell his Pittsburgh Steelers after they won a Super Bowl in the 1970s - "be tomorrow people." Don't be content with past accomplishments. Push forward and be driven to succeed. John Farrell, trying to get his Red Sox to similarly repeat as world champions, had a different take Thursday on a similar theme as he addressed the team before the first full-squad workout of 2014 spring training. "It's to get back to a mindset that was the first day of spring training last year, and not the most recent memory, which was a great one but to recognize that there was a lot of work, a journey that went into getting that final out recorded at Fenway," Farrell said. "I think as you've been around the guys since they've reported, the conversation, the is about what we do today and not what's happened previous. In a nutshell, that was probably the overall message." Like Noll, Farrell says he doesn't have to worry too much about complacency because of the makeup of his clubhouse. "No, and we talked about that in the meeting because of what of them now as people in our uniform for a full year, they're driven by what a team can accomplish, not by what a personal achievement might represent and they're bonded together forever by an incredible year last year," Farrell said. "And they're hungry to do something similar to that this year." Ownership, led by John Henry and Tom Werner, was on hand for the meeting and they had a chance to speak. "If you're able to hear the number of people speak, there was some common thread to the messages," Farrell relayed. "There was an overall sign of unity. I think in a word, there was a tremendous amount of trust from top to bottom." Did players speak? "No, nope," Farrell said. "They had some comments but they weren't up speaking." With a World Series title under his belt, Farrell knows how different the backdrop might be 12 months removed from his first speech but what he noticed Thursday were the similarities, starting with friendly faces. "That's the probably the biggest thing, the familiarity," Farrell said. "It's knowing your picking up relationship with individuals that have had a timeout from the offseason but no less than important to continue to work to build their trust each and every day." As for the first full day of workouts, Farrell said he was pleased. "More than anything, first full day, it was good to see everybody out on the field," Farrell said. "Full compliment of the roster. Encouraged by the first bullpen of Jake Peavy today. Overall, a solid day." "It was really his first bullpen but the fact that he's back in the flow of things. He was held out because of some discomfort in that hand, and that's not there so that's a good thing. He'll probably need a couple of more bullpens before we get to BP. I can't say that it's going to have a real long delay for his first outing in camp. There's still plenty of time to get him up to the appropriate number of pitches to start the season."