John Farrell: Team meeting first step to 're-write script' from 2012

Mike Petraglia
February 15, 2013 - 9:14 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- For John Farrell, Friday morning's address to the his team was all business. It was about the business of moving on and making sure every player, coach and uniformed personnel understood what was expected. General manager Ben Cherington, owner John Henry, team president Larry Lucchino and chairman Tom Werner were all on hand to listen and offer support when needed. '€œWell it was about 50 minutes," Farrell said. "There'€™s a lot to mention. More than anything, a lot of it was introductory for a number of new players, new people they'€™re coming in contact with. They were able to hear from ownership, from Ben, from myself. Pretty typical, I would think, for an opening of spring training. '€œThere are a good number of players there is no history with. I think more than anything, that first conversation, first talk is a way to set the tone, which I think was clear. But the thing we want to emphasize is that it'€™s a matter of what we do on the field and not what we'€™re talking about. We'€™re hopeful and with every intent, that our actions speak certainly more volume than our words. '€œTo a man in that room, everyone associates the name Red Sox with winning. And that came out in conversation throughout the offseason. There'€™s been an eagerness to get back down here and get started and re-write that script. Different degrees of embarrassment, different degrees of knowing that what transpired last year isn'€™t the norm or isn'€™t the expectation or allowable to a certain degree. So, I'€™m confident of that mindset to re-write that story.'€ Was he cheered or booed? '€œThey'€™re a business-like group," Farrell answered the good-natured question with his own dry wit. "Very stoic.'€ The team then went out and had their first full squad workout as the heavy rains held off. "It was good," Farrell reported. "I thought things flowed well, based on what we set out to accomplish, understanding that base running is an emphasis; we were able to get into that right away. Fortunately, the weather held off and it was a good work day.'€ No news yet on Mike Napoli hip MRI: '€œNot yet. We'€™re hopeful we get the results or read of that later today. No update as of yet.'€ David Ortiz was consulting with orthopaedic specialist George Theodore before taking part in cone drills, running sprints in the outfield to test his right Achilles. '€œPart of his current rehab," Farrell said. "He'€™s not in the base running or the conditioning drills that we do or are doing. They are specific to his protocol so he feels not only getting stronger but with each passing day, there'€™s less hesitancy to be a little bit more agile, a little bit more explosive. I know that'€™s a relative statement but he'€™s making good progress.'€ On Will Middlebrooks and his healed hand: '€œThere are no limitations at all. When you see him take BP, the sound off his bat is different than most guys, even in this camp. He'€™s fully healed from the fracture.'€ On the possibility of 'B' games before and during camp: '€œNot as of yet. We may. We have the ability to adjust if the Twins and we need work for our pitching. But right now, with 24 guys that are going to work toward the start of games, the number of innings available coming up, we'€™ll get our work in right now. If we need to, we can adjust but right now, there'€™s no plans for a '€˜B'€™ game right yet.'€ On Felix Doubront (shoulder), Craig Breslow (shoulder) and Clay Buchholz (hamstring): '€œDoubront is still on schedule for Wednesday. He'€™ll throw out to 135 feet of long toss on [Saturday]. Each session has been increased with intensity. Breslow threw out to 75 feet today and is making steady progress. He'€™s early phases of a throwing program. As a reliever, he'€™s got time on his side right now. Buchholz was out to 120 feet of long toss today. We still have some functional running tests we'€™ve got to put him through where we turn him loose completely but it'€™s likely he'€™ll get back on the mound. He has no ill effects throwing right n now. He'€™ll get back on the mound to keep his arm strength going probably prior to being turned loose back in PFP.