Josh Beckett: 'People are trying to sabotage us'

Mike Petraglia
June 19, 2012 - 2:24 pm

Before Tuesday's series opener with the Marlins at Fenway, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine joined his players in vehemently denying a report this week that the atmosphere inside clubhouse is "toxic." Olney reported that players and team staff are frustrated with the way the team is being handled inside the clubhouse, leading to a potentially explosive atmosphere. "I don't know to define toxic," Valentine said Tuesday afternoon in his first public comments since Olney's blog that ripped the Red Sox culture. "It's too big a word for me. "I'm not going to comment on people's articles. I don't even comment on [Boston media] articles. Why would I comment on somebody who I don't think knows anything." [Click here to listen to Bobby Valentine respond to Buster Olney's column.] After about seven minutes of answering questions, the subject of the Red Sox clubhouse came up again. "It's a bunch of guys who get dressed and play loud music before the game and seem to get ready. I don't have a word for it. I don't think it's Romper Rooms or whatever it is, it's a lot of guys. It's a lot of men who hang out together, and a lot of changing parts in there, too." Josh Beckett was even stronger about Olney's column. [Click here to listen to Josh Beckett stick up for his teammates] "Completely fabricated," Beckett said before being asked if he thought the Red Sox still had a good clubhouse. "Absolutely. I don'€™t know where people get that from. I think people want that to be the case and I just don'€™t think it is. I think this is probably one of the tightest-knit groups I'€™ve ever been a part of, with dinners on the road, a couple family trips here this last time. We do a lot of stuff together. There'€™s a good continuity here. I think there are certain people, they want it to be that way, and so they report it that way. it'€™s just not like that at all." Beckett was then asked if he's bothered by the speculation. "That people are trying to sabotage us? I don'€™t think that'€™s good at all," Beckett said. "We don'€™t pay too much attention to it. the only time we have to deal with it is when we have to answer questions. This is a really good group of guys. It'€™s one of the tighter groups I'€™ve ever been a part of, and I'€™ve been a part of some pretty tight groups." Cody Ross came off the disabled list on Tuesday and was thrown right into the starting lineup. He also threw himself right behind his teammates. '€œIt'€™s one of the better [clubhouses] I'€™ve ever been on," Ross said. "All the guys get along real well. We enjoy playing with each other, we enjoy hanging out with each other '€“ just a really good vibe in here.'€ '€œWe don'€™t pay attention to [the Olney column]," Ross added. "You'€™re talking about people saying these kind of things that aren'€™t even in our clubhouse. They'€™re not in our clubhouse near as much as even you guys. You guys are in here more than the people that are saying that. Only us as players understand how it feels in here and you can probably go around 1-through-25 and probably they'€™ll all say the exact same thing. This is a great team. We have a lot of fun and it was actually comical.'€ Ross said he's not bothered by the distraction because it's part of the deal of playing in Boston. '€œNo because this is the Boston Red Sox and we expect this," Ross said. "I mean, if we were another team where we weren'€™t as much in the spotlight, maybe it might hurt our feelings. But this is the Red Sox. This is expected. People are going to say stuff about us, but we pay no attention to it.'€