Kane: 'Pretty surreal... for sure'

Mike Petraglia
June 10, 2010 - 5:22 am

PHILADELPHIA -- What if a team won the Stanley Cup and no one noticed? Not even most of the players on the team that just made history. No, that's no cruel joke or a shot at the NHL. That's what happened Wednesday night at the Wachovia Center when Patrick Kane's simple shot - a lesson in why you always put the puck on the net - got past Philadelphia's Michael Leighton just over four minutes into overtime to give Chicago a 4-3 win and its first Stanley Cup title since 1961. Without question, the ending to the 2010 Stanley Cup will go down as one of the most bizarre and surreal endings to a championship in recent memory. Let the man who scored explain why. "Well, I shot it, I saw it go right through his legs and it was sticking right under the pad in the net so I don't think anyone saw the puck in the net," Kane said. "I just booked it to the other end. I knew it was in right away and tried to sell the celebration a little bit and everyone came down. "I think some guys were still iffy to see if the puck was in the net. I saw the coaches pointing at the puck and just jumping around. It's pretty surreal right now, for sure." [Click here to hear Kane explain his Cup-winning goal and the ensuing celebration.] [Click here to hear a stunned Leighton explain what he saw from his point of view.]