Luke Kuechly thinks Doug Flutie 'is still the guy' at Boston College

Mike Petraglia
February 04, 2016 - 12:36 pm

[caption id="attachment_105752" align="alignright" width="375"]Luke Kuechly speaks Thursday at the final media availability in San Jose. (Mike Petraglia/ Luke Kuechly speaks Thursday at the final media availability in San Jose. (Mike Petraglia/[/caption] SAN JOSE, Calif. -- As he was making his rounds through both the Broncos and Panthers media camps on Thursday, Snoop Dogg made a point to stop by and say hi to Luke Kuechly and pay him some might high praise. "You're the best linebacker in football, man," the rap legend said. "Take it from Snoop." All the humble linebacker could muster with a wide grin was "thanks, thanks a lot!" Snoop is not alone. There are many in the game right now, both on and off the field who think that the Boston College product might just be the best all-around linebacker in football. That has prompted the conversation of where Kuechly, who left after his junior year in 2012, belongs in the great pantheon of Boston College football players. Matt Ryan was selected by the Falcons third overall in 2008. Four years later, it was Kuechly going ninth overall to the Panthers. "I don't know about the best player. We've had a lot of good guys come out. We've had some linebackers that have come out. Bill Romanowski was a great player. Mark Herzlich's been a great player. Matt Ryan and Gosder Cherilus and Anthony Castonzo and I'm sure I'm missing guys. Those guys came out and did a great job." But of all the great NFL talent that Boston College has produced, Kuechly pointed to another BC product that had a much bigger impact in the CFL than the NFL. "Doug Flutie to me is Mr. BC," Kuechly said. "He's got a statue in front of the stadium. He's won the Heisman. He's going to go down as one of the players that has one of the all-time plays in college football history. Doug Flutie, if you talk about people from Boston College, Doug Flutie, I think, is still the guy." While that was all nice and flowery, there are a lot of Patriots fans who still fume when they see the All-American smile. That's, of course, because of his WWE hold on Rob Gronkowski in the end zone on the game's last play in Nov. 2013 on a Monday night game that allowed the Panthers to escape, 24-20. ""Of course, of course, everyone was giving me grief for it," Kuechly said. "We had a couple of guys that we played with that are Massachusetts guys that are big Patriots fans. You go to school in Boston, there are going to be buddies that are off the team that you're friends with so. They're giving me some grief for it but it's all fun and games."