Larry Lucchino (left) and Tom Werner meet with reporters Wednesday outside JetBlue Park. (Mike Petraglia/

Morning Fort: Brock Holt ready to prove he can do it all again as Red Sox begin full squad workouts

Mike Petraglia
February 25, 2015 - 6:07 am

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- No one was more versatile in all of baseball in 2014 than Brock Holt. He started at seven different positions throughout the course of the season. He was so versatile that he became an everyday player. That dynamic has changed entering 2015 with the additions of Pablo Sandoval and Hanley Ramirez and the emergence of Mookie Betts. "I think kind of similar spot as last year, move around, give guys days off when they need them but be ready to play all the time," Holt said. "I'm looking forward to the opportunity to do that again and it's something I enjoyed last year and something I'm looking forward to doing again." With a crowded outfield, Holt said he expects to used primarily in the infield. "The majority of my [work] is probably going to be in the infield and then I'll definitely go out in the outfield and do some stuff," Holt said. "During [batting practice] it's easy to go out there and get some reads during BP, too. I'll probably spend most of my time in the infield but move around, depending on how I feel and how the day is going, move to do some outfield." Holt still has two gloves ready to go at all times. "I've got all of them broken in right now. I'm waiting for some new ones to come in so I'll have to do a little more work with those but I've got one infield glove for every position and then one outfield glove so it's pretty easy," he said. Holt hit .281 with a .331 on-base percentage in 106 games last year, double his playing time over his previous two seasons combined. "It was a lot of fun," Holt said. "I was just happy I got an opportunity to play. Looking back on the season, obviously it didn't go as we hoped as a team but for me to be able to get a chance to prove myself and be on the field was a huge thing for me. So, I'm looking forward to this year and the team we've got and we're all ready to get going." "I don't think I'm really looking at it as a battle at all. I think everyone is just going out there and trying to get their work done and hopefully everything takes care of itself. We've got a lot of good players in this locker room right now. Obviously, some things are going to have to be done but right now we're in a good spot. The more good players you have the better." But Holt admits his mindset has to adjust to the fact that he may see his playing time decrease this season with the number of additions. "It's difficult," Holt said of not knowing when he will start or not in 2015. "Last year, I played every day so this year is going to be a little different. Obviously John wants to write the same nine guys in the lineup and he's got his nine probably in mind. I'm going to be ready to play. If I'm in there, great. If not, be ready to come in later in the game or be ready to go the next day. "I finally got a chance to play last year and I don't want to give that chance up," Holt said. "No matter where I was at, I was just excited to play. I love playing baseball. Whatever position that might be, as long as I'm in the lineup, it doesn't really matter to me. "It's not up to me. I let John and Ben and those guys make those decisions. I just go out and play as hard as I can and try to have fun." "We've got a lot of good players in this locker room and it's a joy to be a part of it. Not many people can say they play for the Boston Red Sox. It's one of the best jobs in the world and we're all lucky to be here." Here's more from Holt on Wednesday: On being so anonymous in Boston: "I'm a pretty low-key guy. I don't really go out and do a whole lot of stuff. But even if I did, I could probably walk around in my uniform and people still wouldn't know who I was. It's probably not a bad thing." On playing with and watching Xander Bogaerts: "Tremendous athlete. I think we saw what he's capable of doing at the end of the year last year. He finished strong. I think everyone is kind of looking forward to watching him go this year because he's a tremendous talent and he's going to help us out a lot." On working with infield coach Brian Butterfield: "We've got the best infield coach in baseball in Butter. So to have him out there working with us and personally for me, he's made me so much better of a defender. Just getting to work with him every day is going to help out a lot. I think Bogey is making the right strides." On getting to work on Wednesday, first full squad workout: "I think once we put this uniform on and it's the first full day, I think everyone kind of gets a little bit antsy. It's finally here. The previous days for us position players have been pretty chill. Just hit, BP, take ground balls but today the whole team is going to be out there. So, I think everyone is ready to go." Team meeting: John Farrell and Ben Cherington addressed the team Wednesday morning at 8:30, prior to their first full squad workout, with team chairman Tom Werner also offering some comments. Moncada watch: Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada strolled into JetBlue Park just before 8 a.m., as he reported for his physical. Werner said the Moncada deal is still not official until he passes the physical so it's not expected that Moncada will be on the field with the team anytime soon. Lucchino in a sling: Team president and CEO Larry Lucchino, with his right arm in a sling and a splint on his left thumb, detailed his recent motorcycle accident in Northern California that resulted in a broken collarbone, several ribs being injured, a banged up knee and a sprained ankle. "Maybe the 30-day [disabled list] but I should be ready to go for the season," Lucchino said. Lucchino reiterated what he told WEEI's Dennis and Callahan earlier in the morning, that his basic job with the Red Sox hasn't changed. The Big Schill returns: Former ace Curt Schilling was back in Fort Myers Wednesday morning, as he teamed with partner Karl Ravech on the set of ESPN's Baseball spring training caravan around Florida.