Patriots Look at Lynch

Mike Petraglia
August 14, 2008 - 12:40 pm

The Patriots are looking at John Lynch. In the wake of the season-ending knee injury to Tank Williams, Patriots coach Bill Belichick had this to say on Thursday about the rumors coming fast and furious about the chances of the former Broncos safety joining Team Dynasty in Foxboro. "I know there are some reports out there about John Lynch. I can tell you that I met with John yesterday. He came in, we talked and he took a physical. But right now he is not under contract with the [New England] Patriots. Until he is, I won'€™t have any further comment on that other then what I just said, that he was here. If and when that happens, then we will address it but until then I really don'€™t have any other comment on it. That is where we are for today."

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