Shane Victorino day-to-day while Clay Buchholz will see Dr. James Andrews if needed

Mike Petraglia
July 20, 2013 - 1:22 pm
Clay Buchholz threw on flat ground from 90 feet for approximately 10 minutes before Saturday's game with the Yankees at Fenway. The right-hander had his bullpen on Thursday's workout day canceled due to continuing soreness and inflammation in his right shoulder and neck area. Red Sox manager John Farrell said that Buchholz did not feel any discomfort throwing off flat ground and added that Saturday's flat ground work, and Buchholz's reaction to it, would determine if the pitcher would seek further opinion from renown orthopedic specialist Dr. James Andrews. '€œHe would see Dr. Andrews if in fact that second opinion were completed," Farrell said Saturday. "But it'€™s not for sure yet. And the throwing that he would do [Saturday] would obviously have some input into going down and seeing him.'€ As for Shane Victorino, who left Friday's game with a recurrence of his strained left hamstring, Farrell said that the outfielder won't be heading for the disabled list, at least not now. '€œShane has responded favorably to treatment. We expect him back in the lineup [Sunday]," Farrell said. "And he has been dealing with this issue for quite a while. We fully expect him to deal with it but its to the point to disable him.'€ Farrell said Victorino actually felt the tweak in the hamstring earlier in the game, running after a fly ball in the first inning. '€œThat'€™s when he felt it first start to come on," Farrell said. "[Then] going down the line on the ground ball is where he felt it further. He's come in [Saturday] feeling better than I think he even anticipated after coming out last night. So were hopefully and expecting him to be in the lineup [Sunday] night'€ Farrell said the team is not risking Victorino long term. '€œIf there was abnormal risk for losing him for a lengthy period of time, we wouldn'€™t put in him in the lineup," Farrell said. "We would disable him and we would give it the appropriate time needed. But through the therapist and the medical staff and with Shane'€™s involvement in the conversation and the feedback of what he'€™s feeling there is a comfort level in keeping him active and keeping him in the lineup daily. So, it'€™s a situation he's managing and our medical staff is confident hes not a risk for further long term issues." Other nuggets from Saturday from Farrell:
  • On Saturday's activation of Stephen Drew and whether he can go back-to-back days: '€œSomething we will have to go day-to-day with. And I'€™ve had that conversation with Stephen, over the next six games I think we have three left-handed starters going against us, so there might be a time in there to get him off his feet as we gradually get him back to everyday play." '€œ[Friday] night, with the five innings played in the field, there wasn'€™t anything out of the ordinary. But through the work that he went through, all the first step quickness, all the change of direction, all the ground ball work that he went through prior to being sent on a rehab was a pretty stern test and would'€™ve answered any of those tests if there was anything lingering.
  • Koji Uehara and availability: '€œI think if he were to answer that same question he'€™d say he'€™s ready for six days in a row. That'€™s what he'€™s stated. But he has been and not just this year but when you look back to when he was with Texas and Baltimore he'€™s been extremely efficient, he'€™s a quality strike thrower, and theres a difference between quality strikes and just strikes in general and he is so deceptive with that split, that its not uncommon to see 8 to 11 pitch innings, so that does give us the ability to use him whether it'€™s on consecutive days or three days in a row as we'€™ve done, but all that is in conjunction with how he feels and what he states. But I think I mentioned it previously when you see him in here working after a game he's pitched an inning, there'€™s a reason why he keeps himself in such great shape. He's got a great work ethic.'€
  • On the difficult decision to option Brock Holt - not Brandon Snyder - to make room for Stephen Drew: "Both guys [Holt and Snyder] are playing well. The fact is with Stephen [Drew] coming back, a left handed hitter, the right handed guy on the bench fits a little bit better, and that was expressed and explained to Brock. But he gave us everything we could'€™ve hoped for in the time he was here. And solidifies further why [Holt] was so sought after in the trade in the winter time. He'€™s a valuable player and he'€™s got a place here as we go further.
  • On Snyder handling 3B: '€œWell, you look at a couple of the plays he made last night, he the slow roller bare handed, goes back on a diving play, and if you watch his early work, he ends his early work with five or six of those slow rollers, he made that play last night as he'€™s done in his work and there is a reason why his routine is specific as its set up to be. But against left handed pitching there is a potent bat there. '€œ
  • On Mike Napoli getting a day off: "Getting another left-handed bat in the lineup vs. [Hiroki] Kuroda.'€